National Taiwan Ocean University
  • 2019 Nov 18
  • NTOU GLORIA led members to advance to Vietnam & participate in the Vietnam International AquacultureFisheries Exhibition

NTOU GLORIA CEO and booth staff

In order to link international cooperation partners and develop the international reputation of the alliance team, the NTOU GLORIA led seven members to participate in the 2019 Vietnam International Aquaculture and Fisheries Exhibition held at the Can Tho Convention and Exhibition Center in Vietnam from October 16th to 18th, 2019. Vietnam's international aquaculture industry event attracted more than 6,000 visitors in three days, with more than 138 exhibitors from 30 countries and professionals from all fields.
The International Aquaculture and Fisheries Exhibition was held at the Can Tho Convention and Exhibition Center in Vietnam. The theme was “Vietnam Aquaculture Competitiveness: Investment Opportunities” and it was divided into fields of nutrition and feed, farming systems, environmental and disease control, seed production, and energy. The mainstays of efficiency, climate change, trade and market trends, processing and production quality were published and discussed in 42 sub-topics in 2 conference rooms to provide important information on the daily problems faced by fish farmers and the needs of aquaculture. NTOU GLORIA CEO , Jheng Yu-Song leads the existing members of Tai Yih, Giant Bio, Innocreate Bioscience, Fongyu, EverVast, Gao Zheng, IIS and other aquaculture industry chain manufacturers to advance to Vietnam. Through the formation of new platform of industry-university-research cooperation, communicate with national aquaculture industry, layout the Vietnam aquaculture market, pick up the overseas international cup, forming a breeding industry group effect, expand alliance member business opportunities.
The potential partners of this trade-show included: GREEN CROSS VETERINARY PRODUCTS, a Korean animal vaccine manufacturer, to which GLORIA has recommend Professor Lu Mingwei's lipoplex technology, and will cooperate with developing vaccines. INVE AQUACULTURE is a Belgian aquaculture solution provider that is interested in setting up a research institute with Haida. CERESCO NUTRITION intends to set up a research institute with Haida. 3 LITTLE FISH is a trader. If the lipoplex technology of Professor Lu Mingwei and the herbal charcoal technology of Professor Lin Hanjia can be commercialized, the manufacturers intend to cooperate in sales. VIRBAC is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to animal health, 100% dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of animal health products, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. We recommend Professor Lu Mingwei's lipoplex technology, and manufacturers are interested in cooperating with commercialization. The core product of LHP is garlic oily extract, which can effectively improve the breeding rate of shrimp and the cultivation of culture. At present, the members of the Matching Union shrimp seedlings conduct their testing cooperation.
The aquaculture industry in Vietnam has been booming and has formed highly competitive industries in the world, such as shrimp farming and processing. Aquaculture plays an important role in agriculture and the entire Vietnamese economy. As of September 2019, total aquaculture and fishery production reached 5,694,900 tons, an increase of 5.4% over the previous year, reaching a target of 73.8% in 2019. The participation of NTOU GLORIA is expected to bring huge business opportunities, and many manufacturers can be described as fruitful.

Indian independent research scholars expressed interest in international cooperation