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  • 2019 Oct 17
  • NSYSU-GLORIA participated in Taiwan’s International Exhibitions of Agriculture & Fisheries to share Taiwan’s Innovative Technology Energy
Photograph of CEO Chang Shih-nan from the GLORIA (Middle) and other 4 speakers at the Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Innovation Forum

With NSYSU as the leading school, five schools across Pingtung City, Kaohsiung County and Kaohsiung City formed the GLORIA and for the first time this year, this Alliance set up a booth in the “Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show (TIFSS)” and “Taiwan Smart Agriweek.” Gathering the innovative agricultural and fishery technologies from NSYSU, NPUST, Technology on Prototyping Ultimate Co., Ltd. and New Times Co., Ltd., this Alliance used the Taiwan's two major international exhibitions on Agriculture and Fisheries to create more possibilities for agricultural and fishery technologies to work together and enhance the international competitiveness of Taiwan's agriculture and fisheries.

The booth of GLORIA in the Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show (TIFSS)

The booth of GLORIA in the Taiwan Smart Agriweek

In response to the needs of fisheries, this Alliance focused on three major themes: Detection of Catch Freshness and Pesticide Residues, High-Pressure Food Sterilization and Seafood Deshelling Technology, and Integrated Sensing and Monitoring Blockchain Application Management System. The booth was equipped with an atmospheric mass spectrometer that could detect organic compounds, as well as a smart tape "Bit Band" that could be traced. The technical team actually operated the instrument and explained it.

In order to strengthen the energy of agricultural research and development, this Alliance exhibited research and development results in 4 major fields such as bio-mechatronics, biotechnology, food technology and smart agriculture, and invited professors from NPUST, which focused on agricultural development in the alliance, to conduct technical explanations. In addition to domestic industrialists, this technology exhibition also attracted foreign media to jointly interview this Alliance's new agricultural technology. The media paid special attention to the optical filter membrane technology developed by Professor Wang Yu-min from NPUST. The optical filter membrane technology was proven to effectively reduce greenhouse temperature, filter out excess spectrum, and provide a suitable light source for crop growth needs. The optical filter membrane technology could be cooled without consuming a large amount of resources, so it could be applied to develop greenhouse agriculture in various climates.

Foreign media interviewed Prof. Wang Yu-min from NPUST at the booth of this Alliance

In addition, in order to enable the guests at home and abroad to learn more about the school research results in this Alliance and strengthen the technology promotion, this Alliance also hosted the "Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Innovation Forum" during the exhibition and invite Prof. Hsieh Chien-tai from NSYSU, CEO Hu Hui-wen from Technology on Prototyping Ultimate Co., Ltd., CEO Chen Shih-yu from New Times Co., Ltd. and Prof. Wang Yu-min from NPUST to explore how to solve the Agriculture and Fisheries problems with innovative technologies and demonstrate the progress and development of Taiwan's Agriculture and Fisheries technologies. If you are interested in the above related technologies, please contact the office of the GLORIA.  E-mail: