National Taiwan Ocean University
Mayor of Hsinchu and Mayor of Taoyuan observe in front of the model of NTOU Taoyuan Guanyin Campus

NTOU GLORIA is a link to the local industry of Taoyuan. To develop the domestic and foreign visibility of the alliance, NTOU GLORIA lead alliance members and school research teams to participate in the 2019 Agricultural Expo held in Taoyuan from September 28th to October 27th, 2019. With the "Farming Time" as the main axis, we have planned five major exhibition areas and 16 exhibition halls, including "Specialty Industry", "Farming Production", "Rural Life", "Environmental Sustainability" and "Smart Technology". The four themes of "Technology Agriculture", "Circular Economy", "Green Life" and "Landscape Art" have created the first exhibition in the field.
Green Ark Exhibition Hall, NTOU connected the entire booth with the theme of water cycle. The areas that flow through the water cycle include: rainwater→landland→fishing pond→ocean, which introduces the green energy technologies of NTOU in various regions, including solar energy, hydropower, ocean energy, hydrogen energy, etc. The highlights of each region include: Rainwater-energy-saving filter; farmland-channel-type generator; breeding pond-fishing symbiosis system; culture pond-hydrogen fuel cell; ocean-wave energy generation system; ocean-trend power generation system.
Fish New World Exhibition Hall, NTOU showcases the "Ocean Innovation Breeding Base" entity model, And showcase the aquaculture industry chain membership technology, including: golden carp, squid, snapper; seedling mass production; water quality monitor; brown algae seafood; aquaculture equipment. School research techniques include: smart aquaculture systems; aquatic biology research and conservation centers; genetic breeding teams; genetic and fisheries teams; algae cultivation laboratories; water-free smart fish tanks.
In this 2019 Agricultural Expo, the technology and products exhibited by NTOU, have attracted the crowd of visitors. Mayor of Hsinchu and Taoyuan also attended the meeting and will help NTOU to expand the industry, academia and research community of Taoyuan Guanyin Campus. In addition to the interest in the green energy technology displayed in the exhibition, many international and domestic manufacturers also hope to have a more comprehensive understanding of NTOU’s aquaculture technology. The NTOU GLORIA will actively contact after the exhibition, in order to expand the development of innovative technologies in the aquaculture sector.

Mayor of Taoyuan visited the Green Ark Exhibition Hall

Fish New World Exhibition Hall full of visitors