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  • 2019 Oct 17
  • NCHU GLORIA led delegation to borrow experience of circular agriculture in Australia

NCHU GLORIA led delegates to visit Queensland University of Technology and reached a consensus on signing a memorandum of cooperation

Dr. Hsin Hung John Hsu, the CEO of National Chung Hsing University GLORIA led the dean and professors of College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, members of NCHU GLORIA to have an academic visit about circular agriculture industry in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. The delegation gained great harvest through this activity.

Australia is abundant in natural resources and has excellent development in agriculture, mining, animal husbandry, manufacturing industry, service industry, therefore, one-fifth export trade of Australia comes from agriculture.
Having proper assistance from Dr. Suang-Jing Pong, the executive director of Science & Technology Division in Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia and Mr. Kai Shyr Wang, the executive assistant of Science & Technology Division in Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia, the delegation exchanged research idea of circular agriculture about forestry waste, meat waste, algae and aquaculture waste with Brisbane academic institution. The delegation not only visited Institute for Future Environment in Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Center for Agricultural Engineering in University of Southern Queensland (USQ), but also had meetings with representatives from The Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and Centre for Recycling of Organic Waste and Nutrients (CROWN) in Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ). Through sharing experience of executing program, the delegation realized the centers’ research objects and how the centers play roles within state and local governments, industry bodies, businesses and natural resource management groups.

In addition, the NCHU GLORIA potential member—Zadco For Quality Gro PTY. LTD., became a medium, arranging delegates to visit Family Fresh Farms, East Coast Wildflowers, Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Western Sydney University and Australian Native Landscapes (ANL) in Sydney. The managers from agricultural industries and experts from research institutions shared their know-how, commercialized experience, production and marketing process with the delegation. It is effective to increase Taiwan productivity, profitability and expand the innovative viewpoints of sustainable development in agriculture.

NCHU GLORIA effectively links and improves the relationship between our professors and industries, meanwhile, it plays a role in leading Taiwan industries to develop in international market. It is expected that through the introduction of the concept in Australian circular agriculture, the more renewable resources in various fields, which include agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal agriculture, will be explored and recycled. The innovative modes of agricultural operation will be constructed to gradually realize the vision of reducing waste.

The delegates visited Family Fresh Farms in Sydney