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  • 2019 Oct 16
  • GLORIA, Yang-Ming National University Biomedical Lecture: How do Startup Companies Effectively Use Media for Marketing Purpose?

Media Marketing has become an indispensable part of startup company development (from left: Professor Jin-Jong Chen, Associate Vice President for Research & Development Zi-Hao Zheng, Chief Executive Officer Hsien-Chih Pei, President Ming-Ding Ling, Manager Mei Ling Cheng, Associate Professor Ueng-Cheng Yang.)

Yang-Ming National University has gained fruitful achievements in biomedicine. Not only is the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) committed to promoting industry-academia collaboration, it also actively helps academic startups linking up with the market. President and Editor in Chief Ming-Ding Ling of《Global Bio & Investment Monthly》was specially invited to the “Innovative Biomedical Startup Lecture” hosted on the 28th of August. Under the theme of “Musical Chairs – Image, Agenda Setting, and Media Framing,” President Ling shared her successful approaches to startup marketing with the audiences. A significant number of startup teams were drawn to the lecture. 
《Global Bio & Investment Monthly》has always been focusing on the Asian biomedical industry, devoting itself to delivering in-depth, professional coverage of the industry, trend, and investment. President Ling started the lecture with a brief talk about how she founded《Global Bio & Investment Monthly》in 2013 through serendipity. She is always passionate about the biomedical industry and works hard even when facing difficulties along the way, which has made the company strong.
The readers of this monthly magazine comprise over 70% of biomedical companies listed in Taiwan and over 80% of biotech venture capital firms in Taiwan. The partners for the activity forum also include biotechnology research and development staff, members of the management teams, and association. The company continues to grow in Taiwan and explore the world. At present, it has become an important portal for the biomedical industry in Taiwan to link between domestic and overseas data and websites.

Chief Executive Officer Pei (left) appreciated President Ling for delivering the speech at the lecture.

At the lecture, President Ling mainly talked about the techniques for facing the media and how to produce useful news articles for marketing purposes. She suggested the startup companies that they should position their cultural pattern and purpose of the establishment at the pioneering stage. In doing so, as long as they do not forget their original intentions, the world would eventually save a place for them amidst a sea of competitions, no matter how things may change in the future.
She claimed that startup companies have to be discreet in words and deeds when facing the media. This is because information on websites will always exist; web users will repeatedly access and exploit what the companies say and do non-stop. All the companies should hence seriously consider the issue – creating a favorable image for the media.
Besides, the best way to generate media exposure is to design and post a series of groups of news messages. Posting one single press release is not enough to achieve the effects of advertising, as it will be drowned in tens of millions of web information.
At the end of the lecture, President Ling gave the startup companies some words of encouragement. We are living in an era where people are particular about speed, and we possibly cannot beat everyone else to be the best or second-best in this industry at the pioneering stage. However, we will eventually gain a foothold and last long in the industry as long as we find our unique features, are generous in sharing our touching research and development stories and gain consumer recognition.