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  • 2019 Oct 16
  • NTUT Joins Audi AG’s northern Taiwan Flagship Center to Actively Support Taipei Tech Racing Team’s Participation in Formula SAE Japan, Launching New Facet of Industry-Academia Cooperation & New Talent-Training Model

NTUT Taipei Tech Racing Team at the 17th Formula SAE Japan (FSAEJ)

The GLORIA NTUThelped send NTUT’s Taipei Tech Racing Team to this year’s 17th Formula SAE Japan (FSAEJ) in Japan from August 27th to 31st. This activity gave NTUT students important international experience while further raising GLORIA NTUT’s international profile.

Taipei Tech Racing Team was formed by students of NTUT’s Graduate Program of Vehicle Engineering in October 2014. Enthusiastic member participation and active ties with 42 partner organizations, including locally based Hotai Motor Co. and Audi AG’s northern Taiwan Flagship Center, set the stage for the team’s unveiling of their first two formula-class cars in June of this year. The team’s 4th-generation TTR4 is the first gas-powered, monocoque-chassis racing car ever fielded by a student team in Taiwan, accelerating from zero to 100kph in only four seconds. The team’s first-ever electric race car, the TTR-EV1 is equally impressive.

NTUT Taipei Tech Racing Team fielded two new race cars in June

Upon learning of the team’s need for assistance with funding and suitable test-track facilities, the GLORIA NTUT contacted alliance partner Audi AG North Taiwan Flagship Center and facilitated a contract with Audi Next that provided team access to Audi’s northern Taiwan test track, equipment, information, and activity recommendations. Dynamic test photos of the team at Audi Next were even featured on FSAE Japan’s public Facebook page. Furthermore, GLORIA NTUT Director Chia-hwa Lee went “the extra mile” and personally donated NT$200,000 to the team to help offset member travel expenses and to ensure that the GLORIA NTUT logo was prominently displayed throughout the 17th FSAEJ event.

NTUT Taipei Tech Racing Team sets up shop at Audi Next

GLORIA NTUT Director Chia-hwa Lee personally donated NT$200,000 to the team

The first Formula SAE event was held by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in 1981, and the first Formula SAE event in Japan was held in 2003. FSAE events are intended to advance the automotive engineering insight and skills of university students and provide regular opportunities for hands-on design and building experience. Students must build their race car entries completely from scratch. In addition to track performance and endurance, entries are evaluated on their achievements in terms of design, reporting, planning, marketing, body frame construction, and cost control. The 17th FSAEJ was joined by 90 teams from eight countries. Taipei Tech Racing Team put in a significantly improved showing this year overall, passing all of its first-day tests, achieving a solid 25% improvement on its reporting score, and ranking 16th overall in the fuel-efficiency category.
Although Taipei Tech Racing Team did not make the roster of finalists this year, participating in the 17th FSAEJ was an exceptional experience for team members. Strong support from the GLORIA NTUT and Audi AG’s northern Taiwan Flagship Center accelerated the team’s growth and development, and suggests a new model for effective industry-academia cooperation and talent training.