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  • 2019 Sep 17
  • Taiwan Tech GLORIA & eCloudvalley cultivated AI talent together for Southeast Asian market

Taiwan Tech GLORIA and eCloudvalley work together to conduct a Hackathon event in Indonesia for seeking AI talent by the close partnership between Taiwan Tech and ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung). In Hackathon, we showed ITB students how to apply AI cloud resources to solve problems and inspired exchanges between Taiwan Tech and ITB students.

Indonesia is the global investment hotspot because of economic-developmental opportunities, and its demographic dividends as the world’s fourth largest population. Based on the advanced internet construction instead of insufficient infrastructure, the first step of Industrial upgrading for Indonesia are digital transformation and professional talent cultivation. Taiwan Tech has been cooperating with Indonesia for cultivating high-tech talent for more than 15 years. In view of above reasons, eCloudvalley joins Taiwan Tech GLORIA for extending their cloud service to Indonesia and beyond. The first step is also talent cultivation, that’s why Taiwan Tech, eCloudvalley and ITB hold Hackathon event together in Bandung, Indonesia.

eCloudvalley is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner that focuses on providing a complete AWS cloud service. Utilizing AWS resources sponsored by eCloudvalley, such as face recognition, voice interaction, data mining and other cloud AI functions. The teams produced excellent results after chemical reaction of 24 hours Hackathon. The winner of the event designed a college student's personal class manager using the Alexa AI assistant in the cloud. The silver medal winner uses AI image recognition to explore the satisfaction of restaurant consumers. The third place is using Alexa as a game host to assist with board games.

For recruiting of the excellent talents, eCloudvalley sponsors the most outstanding team for internship to its company in Taiwan. Moreover, if the students perform well during internship, they could study in graduate school in Taiwan Tech with eCloudvalley’s scholarship. Winning students are very excited about the opportunity to come to Taiwanese companies for internships and scholarships for the Institute. The AI ​​talent development cooperation between Taiwan Tech GLORIA, eCloudvalley and Indonesia's top universities is just about to begin.