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  • 2019 Sep 14
  • National Chiao Tung University GLORIA participated in 2019 Touch Taiwan Exhibition with member

NCTU GLORIA with INT in 2019 Touch Taiwan

National Chiao Tung University GLORIA, Department of Photonics (DoP) and alliance members debuted in the I-Zone Display Innovation Taiwan, exhibiting their high pixel density innovative technical application and power. Touch Taiwan took place in Taipei Nangang Exhibition between Aug 28 to Aug 30 in 2019. In the Exhibition, we combined the power of attendant enterprises and their rich appearances to show Taiwan’s strong Industry Power and Supply Chain Ability including Business Display, Digital Signage, Public Information Display, Industrial Display, Wearable Display, Vehicle Display and Photonics Device etc, building the greatest impacted Display International Exhibition.

With the development of 5G technique, consumers’ requirements in the display quality and functions become higher and higher gradually. Member of National Chiao Tung University  GLORIA , INT(創王光電股份有限公司) chose “Where Display Leads the Revolution” as their topic and made his debut to be the only one who has Real RGB 2300ppi 2.17 inches glass substrate OLED technique, making consumers have great strides user experience. The followings are the two main innovative technologies:
  1. uNEED(Ultra High Pixel Density for Near Eyes Display) : Producing the 2300ppi Real RGB AMOLED Display on the glass substrate, breaking the limitation of only can be done on silicon substrate.
  2. SPIC(Smart Pixel IC) : According to the IoT worldwide application sensing technology, INT realize light, electricity and magnetic these different sensing techniques by using UHPD high pixel density technique, finding a solution to the need of great area sensing and multiple sensing integration.

INT shows clients their innovative high pixel density techniques

National Chiao Tung University GLORIA builds a complete IUR platform and keeps providing industry with talent and science service to connect international market. This time Display Innovation Exhibition exhibited enterprises and topics including WiFigarden IoT device integrated platform, Digitalent(達辰智慧科技) Unmanned intellectual IoT refrigerator, AOPEN(建碁智見) packets Logistics integrated system. NCTU GLORIA also expect more powerful companies can join GLORIA to explore international business opportunity. NCTU GLORIA will keep integrating campus resources and pushing cooperation between companies and schools, building the bridge between IUR and the world to react the global innovation economy, broadening the supply chain of the application of intellectual semiconductor industry (AI/AR/VR, 5G/IoT, BioMedical, Green Energy, Smart City) to raise NCTU GLORIA popularity and value.