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  • 2019 Sep 17
  • Macronix donates NT$420 million to National Cheng Kung University to build Macronix Innovation Center

From left, former chancellor of Kun Shan University and independent director of Macronix International Co Su Yen-kun, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tsou Yu-han, Macronix Chairman and CEO Miin Wu, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) chancellor Jenny Su, Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che, Ministry of Education (MOE) Chief Secretary Chu Nan-hsien, NCKU vice chancellor Wu Cheng-wen and Department of Higher Education Director Chu Chun-chang pose for a photograph at a project initiation ceremony for the Macronix Innovation Center on Aug. 28

As we enter a new era of artificial intelligence (AI), Taiwan needs to focus on the bigger picture, fostering ideas and building environments that will help cultivate the next generation of talented software engineers.
Macronix International Co, a leading global manufacturer of integrated non-volatile memory components, has generously provided National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) with a NT$420 million donation for the construction of the Macronix Innovation Center: a historic new space on campus that will fuse together the energies and talents of Macronix and NCKU.
Macronix hopes that providing a creative space for teaching and research will provide synergies, foster new talent and demonstrate the company's dedication to corporate social responsibility. NCKU believes the facility will encourage new models for teaching and research and is promoting the School of Computing, which will be located within the center, as a "university of the future” that will drive forward innovation and progress.
On Wednesday Macronix held a project initiation ceremony on campus at NCKU to celebrate a new chapter in a rich history of collaboration between Macronix and the university that will maximize resource potential and further the development of humanity. The project initiation ceremony was held at the Da Cheng Building on NCKU's Kuang-Fu campus in Tainan and co-hosted by NCKU chancellor Jenny Su(蘇慧貞) and Macronix Chairman and CEO Miin Wu (吳敏求) to thank Wu, an alumnus of the university, for his generous donation: a model example of a successful company giving back to society.
Wu was the 59th student to graduate from the school's Department of Electrical Engineering and the 62nd to obtain a degree from its Graduate School of Electrical Engineering. Wu founded Macronix Inter- national Co. in 1989. Today the company is a leading global manufacturer of integrated non-volatile memory components. Wu, who in 2016 received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, says his NT$420 million donation is his way of saying thanks and giving back to his university. In her speech, Su thanked Wu for the unstinting and selfless support he has given NCKU.
The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), which has endorsed the new center, is currently aiming to heighten Taiwan’s global competitiveness by boosting talent cultivation at the country’s academic institutions and increasing talent retention in domestic industries. The Ministry has provided subsidies to 26 professors at NCKU under the new MOST Young Scholar Fellowship, making the school an auspicious location for the innovation center.
In line with the goals of MOST, both NCKU and Macronix are dedicated to promoting industrial innovation and encouraging entrepreneurship and collaboration among Taiwan talented young engineers, developers, and scientists along with the country’s top academic institutions and business leaders.
At NCKU, the Global Research and Industry Alliance (GLORIA) was established to help integrate tech research and development at the university with the international market to spur high growth enterprises. Likewise, Macronix established the Macronix Educational Foundation in 2011 to encourage outstanding technological and scientific achievements among young scholars with annual awards ceremonies.
Su says that, as we enter the AI age, innovative and cross disciplinary ways of thinking are emerging, requiring a radical new approach to education and the cultivation of new talent. The Macronix Innovation Center is addressing this need with the addition of the School of Computing, modeled on the US' Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) College of Computing, to its existing nine schools, to cultivate the talent needed for the future challenges in the world of computing.
According to Professor Shieh Ming-der of the NCKU Department of Electrical Engineering, Al has arrived, and implementing cross-disciplinary applications and developing critical infrastructure technologies are crucial to this endeavor. Skilled talent will be integral to the development of these. The NCKU School of Computing will play a significant role in the cultivation of this talent, to further innovative applications for Al and promote cross-disciplinary approaches. Shieh says that the comprehensive education and learning environment provided by the nine major schools at NCKU are the optimal forum for the development of cross-disciplinary program, and students from different research disciplines will be able to come to the new school to augment their knowledge with a range of different skills. In the future, he says, the NCKU School of Computing will become the nation's first cross-disciplinary school offering a comprehensive program a completely new type of school separate from the university's established nine schools.