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National Taiwan Oceans University, Yu-Song Jheng, CEO of GLORIA and one of the members of GLORIA, Fongyu Co., Ltd. Director Liu Jian-shen attended VIETFISH which was organized by Vietnam Seafood Exporters and Producers Association (VASEP) from August 26 to 31 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There were more than 250 manufacturers attended the exhibition. Exhibitors are from the United States, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand who are the professionals in aquaculture and related industry. This fair provided a free business matchmaking platform which was conveniently schedule private meetings with the most prestigious buyers.

Vietnam is one of the ASEAN members which export value of aquatic products is among $700 million per month. The aquatic production is top three and export value is ranked number-four of the world. VIETFISH has become the biggest professional fisheries showplace in Asia. National Taiwan Ocean University, Yu-Song Jheng, CEO of GLORIA, said that through the platform of GLORIA can improve and upgrade the aquaculture industry of Taiwan.

Aquaculture market of Vietnam is one of the world's largest aquaculture countries. Vietnam is the top four shrimp export country and the largest shrimp supplier of Japan. Contribution from shrimp export accounted for 50 percent of the gross export which was among US$7 billion and was the second largest export aquatic products of Vietnam.

Taiwanese entrepreneurs in Vietnam who provided many resources and information hosted a conference on August 28th in order to communicate business experiences with the companies which would like to invest in Vietnam. The GLORIA wishes that we can cooperate with Taiwanese entrepreneurs in Vietnam in the near future in the green farming economy field to form a full industrial chain cooperation system, and solid foundation for development in the south.

Disease control is an active research field, and alternatives to antibiotic treatments have been explored. This is the professional research field of NTOU. National Taiwan Ocean University, Yu-Song Jheng, CEO of GLORIA presented the lasted technologies of aquatic animal disease treatment to one of the world biggest feed manufactures during this conference, which was included Herbmedotcin for antibacterial technology from Professor Han-Jia Lin, anti-WSS protein powder from Professor Li-Li Chen and novel Lipoplex drug delivery system from Professor Ming-wei Lu of NTOU. NTOU GLORIA is the one to promote cooperation between Professor Han-Jia Lin and Xiang-KY (1258) Group. NTOU GLORIA wishes to expand the partnership scale and build an international industry-university cooperative platform with international corporations in order to create industrial business opportunities.