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  • 2019 Sep 15
  • GLORIA CYCU joins forces with ACMT to creating Win-Win Cooperation at “Intelligent Asia”
GLORIA CYCU sent the SMC CYCU representatives to participate at the “Intelligent Asia Exhibition“ with AMCT

Global Research & Industry Alliance, CYCU (GLORIA CYCU) sent the R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU (SMC CYCU) representatives to participate in the “Intelligent Asia: Industry 4.0 and Smart-Manufacturing Series Exhibition in Asia“ with the Association of CAE Molding Technology (AMCT). “ Intelligent Asia” was held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center I & II from 21st Aug to 24th Aug, 2019. A total of more than 1,000 manufacturers participated in the exhibition, shows the demands for solutions and applications for Smart Manufacturing in different fields have increased year by year in Taiwan.

GLORIA CYCU promotes Taiwan in the field of Injection Molding in the transformation and upgrading, SMC CYCU proposed the corresponding solutions for Intelligent Injection Molding and Advanced Molding. Hence, SMC CYCU published “Solution for Cloud Intelligent-Molding Manufacturing” and ”Gas Counter Pressure Applied to Injection Molding” in the ” Intelligent Asia” exhibition Traditional industry is destined to transform in the upcoming generation which is lack of manpower. The unmanned-automatic AI injection molding will be realized, while shortening the trial-testing process, increasing the production yield and stabilizing the mass production at the same time through the integration of modules in the “Solution for Cloud Intelligent-Molding Manufacturing”.

Along with the development trend of plastic lightweight, Supercritical Fluid Foaming is the most important green energy technology for plastic lightweight in this century; however, this technology is accompanied by the problem of surface quality and cell uniformity. Therefore, “Gas Counter Pressure Applied to Injection Molding” was demonstrated during the exhibition; through this Gas Counter Pressure Technology developed by SMC CYCU can effectively improve the technical bottleneck for Supercritical Fluid Foaming. In Addition, this technology has also achieved good results for metal and ceramic powder materials.

SMC CYCU cooperated with AMCT to hold a Joint Technical Seminar during the exhibition as well, which attracted many domestic and foreign manufacturers and get a warm response. The topics including “Mold Design & Manufacturing Technology”, “Industry 4.0”, “Mold IoT”, “Integration for Automation”, “High-level Mold intelligent Manufacturing”, and “Metal 3D-Printing Technology Applied in the Mold Industry. “ at this Seminar, which helps manufacturers understand the latest position and trends in the molding industry and upgrade the factories to another grad. In the future, GLORIA CYCU and SMC CYCU will further cooperate with AMCT to promote the recruitment of joint members and provide a full range of services for the mold industry.

Dr. John Chang from SMC CYCU introduced the “Solution for Cloud Intelligent-Molding Manufacturing” which was developed by SMC CYCU to the visitors at “Intelligent Asia Exhibition“

Dr. Tsai from SMC CYCU explained the “Gas Counter Pressure Applied to Injection Molding” for the Joint Technical Seminar at “Intelligent Asia Exhibition“