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  • 2019 Sep 15
  • Protect the environment is everyone’s responsibility. NCHU GLORIA co-organized the Symposium of Development & Application of Eco-friendly Products for plant health care

Group photo of the Symposium of Development and Application of Eco-friendly Products for plant health care

“The Handbook of Eco-Friendly Products for Plant Health Care”, the first handbook for taking care of agricultural plant published in Taiwan. The group of authors includes 51 experts in such field who explore and compile the topic of discussion regarding products for plant health care and plant medicine from the source of microbe, plant, biochemistry and minerals. The authors of this handbook was convened by Prof. Huang, Jenn-Wen, the vice president of NCHU; and the other authors are also KOL of the field of plant health care, they are from the academic such as National Chung Hsing University, National Taiwan University, I-Lan University, National Formosa University, as well as from the Research Institutes such as TARI, TACTRI, TSIPS, ARES in Taichung District and Miaoli District, Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine. For this reason, the Symposium of Development and Application of Eco-friendly Products for plant health care was held in NCHU on Aug. 8th, 2019, by 4 organizers including the NCHU-IDCSA Center, NCHU-AEC, Department of Plant Pathology and NCHU GLORIA. During this symposium, 12 authors are invited to give the speeches around topics relating to the plant health and eco-friendly issues. Royalties of this handbook will be donated as NCHU Hsing-Yi scholarship to assist underprivileged students.
The publication of Handbook and the symposium is the very importent event for NCHU, hence, the president prof. Fuh-Sheng Shieu is very considerable and fully supported this event. During his opening remark, he appreciates all the effort and contribution that the author-group provided, and shares their research outcomes and development. Moreover, he also represents his great thanks for their donation. The other issue needs to be noted during this event is that the policy of Council of Agriculture announced that in 2018, the half-reduction of the use of chemical pesticide would be carried out within 10 years. This policy encourages scientists to research and develop the substitution of Bio-control farm material, and recall the awareness of protecting environment is every citizen’s responsibility. To coordinating this policy, NCHU as the agricultural major educational institute, we regard ourselves responsible to put much more effort on promoting the non-toxic agriculture concept theoretically or practically. In the nearly future, training courses will also be held in succession to teach farmers systematically how to plant non-toxic agriculture and achieve sustainable development of agriculture.
Huang, Jenn-wen, vice president of National Chung Hsiung University, the editor of this handbook also pointed out that NCHU is one of the first universities in Taiwan dedicating in the research and development of microbial plant protection preparations. Many alumni in the whole Taiwan have invested in the research and development of plant protection materials in a friendly environment. This handbook has been written and edited for 9 months, which is conducive to the comprehensive development of Taiwan's environmentally friendly plant health technology and materials development, helping to encourage more scientific researchers to join the field to develop the latest technology and application method. Therefore, it is also expected that agricultural-related businesses will also be able to maintain the safety of agricultural products and the sustainable development of planting environment.