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  • 2019 Sep 15
  • The 2019 Protein, Peptide, & Fermentation Industry Innovation & Development Symposium held by NCHU two industry-university alliances, “NCHU GLORIA” & “GRAS/Food Grade Heterologous Protein Production Platform”

The Group shooting of The 2019 Protein, Peptide, and Fermentation Industry Innovation and Development Symposium.

The 2019 Protein, Peptide, and Fermentation Industry Innovation and Development Symposium held on 23th, Aug., 2019 by National Chung Hsing University GLORIA and GRAS/Food Grade Heterologous Protein Production Platform. Professor Chuan-Mei Yeh of the Department of Food Science and Biotechnology of National Chung Hsing University is the principal investigator of the GRAS/Food Grade Heterologous Protein Production Platform. On 23th, Aug., 2019, there are many outstanding professors and enterprises joining together. Besides, the President of National Chung Hsing University, Prof. Fuh-Sheng Shieu also attended it and give the encouraged address to all. NCHU President, Mr. Fuh-Sheng Shieu praised Professor Chuan-Mei Yeh highly for this symposium. He also wishes to enhance the R&D power in NCHU through such professional symposium to strengthen the industry-university cooperation connection between our university and enterprises. Moreover, the innovation would be the focus to enhance the efficient and value of industrial development.  

On this symposium, apart from the NCHU GLORIA COO, Mr. YK Lin, the other inviting speakers are: 1) Manager Lin, Zi-Jie of Sartonets Taiwan, lnc., 2) the Director Lin, Yu-Zhu of the Biological Dep. of Tseng Hsiang Life Science Ltd., 3) the Distinguished Professor Meng, Meng-Hsiao of NCHU Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, 4) Mr. Liao, the CEO of Yao Yang Co., Ltd., 5) Mr. Lin, the Director of Xin Yang Aquaculture Biotech. Co., 6) Ms. Chen, Hui-Yue, the Director of Taiwan TTL Bio-Tech. Company, 7) Mr. Dai, Ming-Zhi, the Deputy Manager of Jellice Pioneer Private Ltd. Taiwan Branch, 8) Mrs. Hsu, Jui-Hsia, the manager of Grape King Bio. Ltd., 9) Mr. Liu, Sheng-En, the Director of Chen En Food Product Enterprise Co., Ltd., 10) Mr. Jen-Chieh Tsai, Ph.D of Pharmacy of Chien Tien Biotechnology Industrial Co., Ltd.. There are many speakers from different professional fields making the content of symposium abundant. The discussed topics are: 1) the related industrial production, 2) restructuring bio production, 3) natural protein and peptide production, 4) industrial development case study and share. 

This symposium invites NCHU professors and many industrial professionals to present the future development trend and the future changes of the industry in Taiwan under current economic environment. It is the great industry-university exchange activity between the attendees, enterprises professionals and academic elites. This shows the value of NCHU GLORIA as well!