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  • 2019 Sep 09
  • NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance & Delta Electronics (Thailand) PLC Set New Talent-Training Benchmark

NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance and Delta Electronics (Thailand) PLC Jointly Run the 4-month Talent Training Program

The “Ceremony Marking the Start of the International Professional Training Program 2019 Academic Year and Signing of a New International Member of the NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance” was held jointly on August 2nd by the NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance and Delta Electronics (Thailand; DET). The event was co-chaired by NTUT President Sea-fue Wang and DET President Shen-yen Hsieh.
The addition of DET to the Alliance, its 6th International Member after Casetek Holdings, Everest Textile, Walsin Technology, Super Micro Computer, and AU Optronics, marks another important milestone in the Alliance’s ongoing efforts to expand both the breadth and depth of industry-academia cooperation. As an International Member, DET will receive campus recruitment and professional training assistance from NTUT, creating linkages that will deliver strong and synergistic benefits.
Delta Electronics (Thailand) PLC, Thailand’s largest electronics manufacturer, benefits from direct managerial involvement and investment from Taiwan-based Delta Electronics, Inc. DET sells worldwide, with significant business relationships in Europe, Asia, and Africa as well as Mainland China. The company is a recipient of multiple Thai-government business awards and earned its second consecutive Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) recognition in 2016. A highly respected, leading industry brand, DET actively develops and manages industry-academia cooperation as well as corporate responsibility programs.
Over this summer, DET invited 16 outstanding students from Thailand’s best universities to attend a specially tailored four-month exchange and academic program at the National Taipei University of Technology. This opportunity was the first time any of the participants had traveled overseas, making it an exceptional experience in terms of both learning and life. The program includes an intensive Mandarin conversation and business language course, practical mechanical and industrial engineering skills-enhancement courses, and internship experience at Delta Electronics, Inc. The overall objective of this summer program is to help prepare these outstanding students for future leadership and management roles at DET.
Delta Electronics, Ltd. has been a close partner of NTUT for many years. Since it first established the Delta Automation Lab at NTUT in 2011, Delta Electronics has generously supplied a steady stream of transformative donations, including the Basic Applications Lab, Systems Applications Lab, and Delta Smart Manufacturing Training Center. These donations have provided NTUT the ability to teach, train and innovate using cutting-edge mechanical arms, machine vision, CNC control systems, and other advanced industrial automation and control components to train up next-generation talent in the Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing arenas.
The NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance uses the international talent training program to underscore NTUT’s role as a bright beacon of international innovation and exchange. More than dovetailing closely with the government’s Southbound policy initiative, this program actively recruits talented students from around the world to study at NTUT. These students not only go on to become future examples for others to emulate and follow but also represent the true value of industry-academia cooperation. Moreover, the success of this model of cooperation deepens mutual talent sharing, building human-centered, long-term partnerships. There is little doubt that an increasing number of exceptional, ‘intellectualized’ talent will be ready to take Taiwan’s capabilities firmly forward into the future.