National Chiao Tung University
  • 2019 Aug 16
  • GLORIA-NCTU-2019 Global Internet of Things Innovation Application Contest Training Course

2019 Global Internet of Things Innovation Application Contest Training Course was held at August 2.  The Contest was hosted by GLORIA-NCTU and our member Netlink Communications Co., Ltd., sponsored by Amazon Web Services.  Netlink Communications and Amazon Web Services separately provide IoT chips and cloud platforms in this contest.  In addition, the total prize money is as high as $300,000 NT.  Through the contest, students will be encouraged to early get know the industry, and create novel IOT applications.  Students are even able to inspire more ideas, and make Taiwan move to international market.
About the contest schedule, a training course is held on August 2nd, the first trail sets on September 3rd, and the final review sets in October.  Students participated enthusiastically.  There were more than 30 teams from many famous universities including National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, and Taiwan University of Science and Technology.  In addition to earnestly studying the course, students actively interacted with the lecturers, showing their enthusiasm for the contest.

Event highlights

Students are able to think of the topic such as "Smart Industry", "Smart Life", "Smart Healthcare", "Smart Transportation", etc.  Through this contest, students get lots of useful resources and Innovative ideas, which encourages students to get into know and contact with the industry early. 
All contents should be related with IoT, using the OPL1000 IoT kits provided by Netlink, to create interesting and effective applications by using ARM architecture specifications.  Back to the Training course, the first part started from Netlink, they introduced the OPL1000 kits, including Compiler, Download, Blewifi Example and Flash Item Management.  The content of course was very rich and attractive. Lecturer introduced the way to use in the different kind of topics, such as compiler using, utilizing Bluetooth turning on WIFI, different modes of power consumption and environment setting up.

Netlink introduces the OPL1000 kit instructions

In the second part of course, Amazon Web Services provided students free credits and introduced the way to use cloud platform.  In the final Q&A, many students proposed their ideas and make this contest better.
With this training course, companies and students can be connected. They help and provide each other with valuable comments, which make them get know each other better.  Additions, during the lunch time, they had more time to communicate with each other and that is a good opportunity for students to get close and cooperate with companies.