Chung Yuan Christian University
  • 2019 Aug 16
  • GLORIA CYCU Has Achieved Great Success Strong Asset to Startups for Venture Capital Matching & Successfully VIP Member Recruitment to GLORIA
MOU signing ceremony of VIP member between Ralia International Co., Ltd. and GLORIA CYCU.

Since the launch of the GLORIA CYCU program, the company has established a comprehensive platform for cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes to access international market. It has also continued to provide talents and scientific research services to the industry. With GLORIA CYCU’s connection, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center could reach "Smart Capital" to work together as a team for venture capital matching for teacher-student startups and incubatees. Everyone looks forward to bringing excellent startup teams to the market and increase their visibility.

Smart Capital provides entrepreneurial resources for the early round and Pre-A round startups. It has connected nearly 1,000 angel investors from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and nearly 100 investors from all over Taiwan. Gathering outstanding CEOs, entrepreneurs, project managers and investors across the Taiwan Strait to invest early projects in various fields as angels. With soft system methodology, Smart Capital strengthens the ability of investors to evaluate projects, and also supports high-level crowdfunding and community through various resources to increase team investment win rate. On July 30th, Vice President of CYCU, Li Ying-Ming attended the exchange discussion with "Smart Capital ". In this session, there were 6 groups of coaching teams participating in the road show. Finally, the 3 winning teams were selected: Micro PC, unmanned vehicles for construction testing technology team, weather large-scale water quality testing ship technical team, etc. Those teams will finally compete with other teams for the highest NT$ 50,000 in the final road show.

In addition to assisting the startup teams, but also for the industry's partners to build up relationship, the company's recommendation to reach other partners in the industry was the key of GLORIA CYCU. This month, GLORIA CYCU had made great achievements. Relai International Development Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with the alliance and became as a VIP member of GLORIA CYCU. More than 20 years ago, Relai team began research on new energy basic theory and the development of energy electrical and mechanical equipment. By 2013, Relai International Group was established to continuously develop new energy fuels and related equipment, such as high alcohol clean energy fuel and equipment, and geothermal waste heat medium and low pressure micro ORC steam generator, etc.

Chung Yuan Christian University has made outstanding achievements in Southern Asia. In order to assist Relai International Development Co., Ltd. to access Indonesia market and understand the local investment, export and resource, before signing ceremony, Jay J.Y. Wang, CEO of GLORIA, led the advisory team to visit Indonesia. With the network and resource in Indonesia for many years established by Dean of College of Engineering, Chung Tsai-Wang, and Chief Consultant of GLORIA CYCU, Tien Tsai-Mai, and the experience of local Taiwanese entrepreneurs investing, setting up factories, and production processes, making Relai International Development Co., Ltd. have better understanding of the opportunities in Indonesia. Relai International finally decided to join the VIP of GLORA to deepen the cooperation. This case has become a good example of promoting international cooperation. In the future, Relai International can cooperate with the alliance in the circular economy and industrial value-added collaboration. Relai International can also combine relevant Taiwanese companies to jointly develop business opportunities. At the same time, we can also enhance to local institute like INDUK KUD, and use local resources to assist the horizontal development of the alliance, in order to form a great ecosystem and strengthen solid foundation for development in Southern Asia.

On August 5th, the day of the signing ceremony between Ralia International Co., Ltd. and GLORIA CYCU, President Samuel K. C. Chang expressed his great expectation to the cooperation with both sides in the future. With domestic and abroad resources from Chung Yuan Christian University to enhance technical capabilities and product application as well as industry-academia cooperation to cultivate talents, it is believed that the outstanding students can work directly to Relai International after graduating and will definitely become new potential generation in the development of Relai International.

GLORIA CYCU has achieved great success during its implementation. It not only connects industry and internal and external resources of CYCU, customized-services for startup teams and small and medium enterprises, but also provides with industry all-in-one services platform. That is how well GLORIA CYCU always shows brilliant performance.

Smart Capital and GLORIA CYCU had a group photo.

Startup team Micro PC participated in the road show.

GLORIA CYCU team had a group photo with Taiwanese entrepreneur in Indonesia.

GLORIA CYCU team joined INDUK KUD annual banquet.