National Chung Hsing University
  • 2019 Aug 13
  • Congratulation Two NCHU GLORIA Members were recommended & awarded The 16th Annual Taiwan Golden Root Prize

The Group Shooting of Vice President Chen Chien-jen (the front-second one) and the prize-winning enterprises.

Vice President Chen Chien-jen attended the 2019 Annual Conference held by Taiwan Industrial Technology Association in the International Conference Center of Taiwan University Hospital, and nine enterprises were awarded The 16th Annual Golden Root Prize. Two of these nine enterprises were NCHU GLORIA members, Bio-Jourdeness International Group Co., Ltd. was recommended and awarded “General Enterprise Prize”, and Maxluck Biotech Co., Ltd. was recommended and awarded “The Small and Medium Enterprise Prize.” After the awarding ceremony, the deputy minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs and the chairman of Tsai-Jin Culture Co., Ltd. gave the speeches, which topics were “The Policy and Responds of Taiwanese Companies Back Home” and “New Position of Taiwan Economic among the US-China trade war.” The last one speech was by Agricultural Bank of Taiwan, and introduced “The Capital, Technology, and Promotion Policy of Agricultural New Southward Policy.” It encouraged industrial companies support the government New Southward Policy greatly. These series of speeches attracted many people from various industries, and the atmosphere was great!

Taiwan Golden Root Prize has been the 16th-year. In response to the government new Southbound policy, Golden Root Prize encourages Taiwan company rooted in Taiwan among their global allocation policy, such as to let talents, capital, and technology to leave in Taiwan, to set up the operation center, to let capital flow back Taiwan, local R&D investment and talent cultivation, etc. And, Golden Root Prize will choose the representation of local and international good companies to award those model companies which have the outstanding contribution and international successful operation.

Bio-Jourdeness and Maxluck Biotech Co., Ltd. both awarded Golden Root Prize, and qualified the condition and spirit of this prize. Bio-Jourdeness was set up in 1989. It endeavors to expand its global allocation, but still roots in Taiwan. It keeps improving and tries hardly to create various R&D technologies locally. After joining NCHU GLORIA, Bio-Jourdeness has started the industry-university cooperation with outstanding professors of The Department of Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering and Department of Life Sciences. In the future, these industry-university cooperation cases will be extended their developments in the Bio-Jourdeness compound mall and tourist factory in the Da-Poo Park of Chiayi city (嘉義大埔美園區). On the other hand, Maxluck Biotech Co., Ltd. was set up from 1999, and which is rooted in Taiwan even though it is a global research-driven, nutraceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a series of patented Chromium-Lactoferrin complex, trade-name “GalaChrom®”, products for human health. Furthermore, Maxluck Biotech Co., Ltd. has many industry-university cooperation cases with NCHU for several years. Especially after joining NCHU GLORIA, the relationship between Maxluck Biotech Co., Ltd. and NCHU has been closer as the usage of resources of campus inspection centers and valuable research facilities. These all do implement the cooperation with local university.

Through the recommendation from NCHU GLORIA, Bio-Jourdeness and Maxluck Biotech Co., Ltd. not only both awarded Golden Root Prize, but also cooperated into the development of diabetes related products in the market of Southern Asian countries. What a successful industry-university cooperation and three-win situation!