National Chung Hsing University

The group shooting of the vice president of National Chung Hsing University, Jenn-Wen Huang (the back-left fourth), NCHU Professors, GLORIA co-workers, and enterprise members in 2019 Bio Asia.

2019 Bio Asia-Taiwan began on 25th, July, 2019 and end on 28th, July, 2019, for 4 days. This year NCHU GLORIA invites outstanding professor teams and enterprise members to exhibit together. Besides, it is really happy to congratulate that the vice president of National Chung Hsing University, Jenn-Wen Huang was awarded the Technology Cooperation Prize of Taipei Bio Prize by the “Products Effect and Applied Technology of Protecting Crop Health.” This technology has non-exclusively licensed to six companies to produce and sell. In domestic market, the revenue has been reached 1 billion NT dollars, accumulating over 200 tones of sales volume in recently five years. Moreover, the researching team is aggressive to plan and expand this technology to the overseas market such as the US, Spain, and Southeast Asia.

It is the great honor that NCHU showcased at the 2019 BIO ASIA with five professors, five enterprises members, about ten speeches at NCHU Booth. The five professors and their technical exhibitions respectively were: 1) Professor Chiou-Ying Yang presented “Vaccine antigens against Acinetobacter baumannii,” 2) Professor Gou-Jen Wang presented “Portable Raman Spectrometer with SERS Chip,” 3) Professor Lee-Tian Chang presented “Alternative Product on Chemical Anti-coccidial Drugs,” 4) Professor Chih-Yu Wen presented “Method of Tracing and Regulations for Indoor Air Pollution Source” and “Carryable and Automatically Balanced Intravenous Drip Frame and Using Method Thereof,” 5) Professor Jason T. C. Tzen and his research team presented “Science-based Industrial Promotion of Taiwanese Tea.”
In addition, there were also five enterprises members joining this BIO exhibition, which are: 1) Maxluck Biotech Co. Ltd., 2) JH Biotech, Inc., 3) Good Agricultural Modernization Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., 4) Healthmate Co., Ltd., 5) Agricultural Bank of Taiwan Co., Ltd. Apart from above, NCHU set the speech platform this year and arranged the speech activities every day. These arrangements and speech events were the brand-new experiences to NCHU. There were totally 10 speeches within these four days.

This year NCHU GLORIA has invited many outstanding professors and enterprises together to showcase their prominent technologies. It’s honorable that NCHU GLORIA promotes professors’ technologies to enterprises who do really need for solving industrial problem for a win-win situation.