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  • 2019 Jul 18
  • Feng Chia University Cooperates with French Company- Dassault Systems to Create an Intelligent Operation Field for The Industry

FCU GLORIA and Jin-Huang, Huang Vice President of Feng Chia University signed a cooperation contract with ECARDTECH and Dassault at the 2019 Dassault System Taiwan 3DExperience Forum.

FCU GLORIA dedicated to the development of “smart building, manufacturing and operation". It aims to assist the development of industrial intelligence base on the existing R&D technology on campus, FCU GLORIA is expected to cooperate with industry and enhance operation development together. In view of the intelligent development of the industry, when the industry enters the era of Intelligent Experience, how can Taiwan innovate and transform? Human resources will be the key of development area and will require a lot of time and training.

As the leader of 3DEXPERIENCE solutions for global 3D experience, 3D design software, 3D digital simulation and product lifecycle management (PLM), Dassault Systemes give assistance for cities, businesses and models in different industries based on business processes. Continuous innovation with individuals can not only improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, but also help the company to realize the ability of virtual and real integration. With customer-focused as the core of the goal, in the overall product development cycle, by improving added value and experience of overall product and services, to help more customers in the wave of industrial transformation to seize business opportunities and expand the global market.

Dassault Systemes held "the 2019 Dassault System Taiwan 3DExperience Forum: Becoming a New Generation of Game Changer" in June, demonstrating how to achieve the integration of "virtual" and "reality" through 3D solutions and promote enterprises towards a new pattern of Industrial Renaissance. Dassault System's partners and customers includes ECARDTECH, Simutech Solution Corporation, PIOVISION INTERNATIONAL INC., VtR Inc., GGA corp., QingTENG, C.M.S., Uprise, NEARSON MARKETING GROUP-ELECTROWAVE, INC., Stark Technology, Inc., Ubiik, DIABNEXT, Rolo, etc. The most popular application topics and examples will be presented in the live interactive experience area, including advanced smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, collaborative design innovation platforms, fabricated part, automation and machine arms, 3D printing analysis and simulation integration, VR/AR, cloud platforms and big data analytics, Human-Robot Collaboration and smart city diversified applications, as well as intelligent management in the fields of future factories, aerospace, transportation, architecture, construction, digital factories, drawing design, space and furniture design, biotechnology, precision healthcare, we hope to bring participants a new immersive experience through complete solutions.

FCU GLORIA will cooperates with Dassault Systèmes' partner ECARDTECH, which will present the digital modeling process and collaboration on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in an intuitive and convenient way to digitally model CAD through VR. In the future, FCU GLORIA will link Dassault Système and ECARDTECH to create an intelligent operation field for Feng Chia, and promote the cultivation of R&D and design talents in the fields of aerospace, machinery, civil engineering and construction. The goal will be to build a smart operation platform and jointly promote the intelligent development of the industry on Feng Chia Campus, and enhance the energy of Design and Industrial Manufacturing in Taiwan also assist Taiwan's manufacturing industry to quickly bring products to market, achieve differentiation, seize the market and maintain a competitive advantage.

ECARDTECH demonstrate their digital twin (Digital Human-Machine Cooperative Robots) to assist companies in optimizing their products at the 2019 Dassault System Taiwan 3DExperience Forum.