China Medical University
  • 2019 Jul 17
  • China Medical University Hospital cell therapy opens up new treatment options for cancer patients

Taiwan has an unique advantage at its bioMed and AI interdisciplinary application. The Ministry of Science and Technology subsidized China Medical University to establish “GLORIA” an industry-university collaboration project. Since the establishment of GLORIA, it has assisted China University Hospital in its ambitious research, and helped connect and drive domain and international industry demands in bio medicine, minimally invasive medical equipment, smart medical assistive device, AI in medicine and the blockchain interdisciplinary research platform, creating an internationally competitive block chain and industry cluster in the healthcare industry, allowing Taiwan to be on top of its game in the ever-changing market demands and the AI technology development in the world.

Through GLORIA, China Medical University and its hospital joined hands with Ever Supreme Bio Technology Company to transfer CMU’s technology in cell therapy to Ever Supreme Bio Technology Company to further the research and application of “ADCV01(dendritic cell)” therapy. Using self-antigen dendritic cell to treat eight types of cancer including Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) and Brain Metastasis, Epithelial Tumors, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer. The press conference for cell therapy technology transfer officially announces the technology transfer from CMU to Ever Supreme Bio Technology Company. Its Global Research & Industry Alliance (ABBA) also helped with the integration of the technology transfer company, China Medical University and China University Hospital to apply and get certified for eight types of cancer treatment in The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s “Regulations Governing the Application of Specific Medical Examination Technique and Medical Device ”

After this certification, Taiwan will be the next country to allow self-antigen cell therapy, bone-marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy right after Japan, at the same time it will open up other treatment options for cancer patients. Alongside the conventional surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, this treatment will be the fourth type to combat cancer. It uses patient’s tumor tissue to cultivate neoantigen, then combined with the patient’s dendritic cell to then cultivate the dendritic cell vaccine. The vaccine is injected into the lymph nodes, the vaccine then trains the T cells to identify and fight off cancerous cells. The dendritic cell will also release cytotoxic mechanisms to kill cancerous cells suppressing tumor growth and the spreading of the cancer cells, it may even shrink the tumor or completely get rid it. In the past patients need to spend great amount of time and money to get this treatment in Japan, now the treatment is easily available in Taiwan, not only does it help cut cost and save time, but also rid the patient of having to worry about being in a completely different environment and communicating in a different language.

China Medical University hopes to join hands with Ever Supreme Bio Technology Company to achieve medical breakthrough in the future, help drive Taiwan’s bioMed industry, providing innovative, effective and personalized service, moving healthcare towards a precise and personal new age.