National Taiwan University
National Taiwan University Industry Liaison Office (hereinafter to be referred as NTUILO) held Demo Day on May 31, which is the largest Start-Up exchange meeting between Taiwan’s largest new ventures and enterprises. Nearly 50 Start-Up teams from the National Taiwan University Teachers and NTUTEC, together with the energy of the TTA Start-Up, NTUILO invited the corporate members and the ventures to participate in the event, to open up business cooperation opportunities for start-up teams and the door to earn the investment.

VIP at the entrance

The Demo Day was honored to invite the Minister Liang-Gee Chen of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Executive Vice President Chen Ming-Syan Chen, Ph.D. of the National Taiwan University, and Pai-Chi Li, Ph.D. Vice President for Research and Development of the NTU. The speech was represented by Chang-Ken Lee, Director of Cathay Holdings. Five industry experts: Huang Rongzhe, Innovation and Technology Office, and Cathay Holdings Chang Jiasheng IT Director, Li Zhengguo's FinTech director of E.Sun Bank, Li Shengyu's strategy chief and chief financial officer of Far Eas Tone Telecom, and Xie Zongying, associate of Quanta Computer, appeared in the Panel to share their personal experience with the NTU start-up teams.

VIP panel meeting.

Part of the company's growth momentum comes from cooperation with startups and strategic investments. NTU is a leading organization in guiding teachers' startups and accelerators in terms of quality and quantity. The role of NTUILO is to build a new ecosystem in National Taiwan University, providing a world-class accelerator center comparable to Silicon Valley. The newly-formed-up team receives funds from the Ministry of Science and Technology or the Ministry of Education, and builds up the energy of the startup company. The NTUTEC brings together Taiwanese leaders who stand out from the hundreds of prospects, all of which are new stars of tomorrow. Provide working spaces and establish a coaching mechanism for the industry to prepare for future challenges.
Demo Day a total of 43 start-up teams, incubated from the university and TTA elite teams were present at pitch. There were about 300 participants from NTUILO corporate members and senior investors at the event. NTUILO aims to help many outstanding teams to stand out, so that National Taiwan University's continuous flow the energy of new start-up, bring this momentum to create more business opportunities and industry-academia cooperation opportunities, to achieve a win-win goal.

Start-Up booth crowded with participants.

David Peng, CEO of NTUILO: "So we have combined, that is, Start-Up teams forming by the teachers from the university, plus the team that we have come from, external accelerators, so our entire resources, I think it should be the most abundant in Taiwan. For the start-up energy."

David Peng, NTUILO CEO, speech.

Different from common event, we will find investment models for the ventures and angel club. Through the NTUILO members, NTUILO will strengthen the Start-Up team and cooperate with the energy of industry in the industry. Liang-Gee Chen, emphasis.
Liang-Gee Chen, Minister of Science and Technology: "During the past ten years, I have seen Taiwan in the whole new Start-Up. From nothing to the present, we have evaluated this kind of entrepreneurial indicators in the world. We have also entered the world in the top 18, I feel full of importance. That is, to create an ecosystem of innovation."