National Chengchi University
  • 2019 Jul 16
  • NCCU GLORIA & AIT Commercial Section Collaborate to Get on Board with Latest FinTech Trends

NCCU GLORIA (National Chengchi University Global Research and Industry Alliance) has been dedicated to promoting business and broadening its international perspective since its founding. Every year, regular overseas FinTech visits and research teams are organized in order to engage in exchange with other countries on the latest FinTech trends.
This year NCCU GLORIA and AIT’s Commercial Section jointly organized the “2019 NCCU GLORIA American FinTech Overseas Visit”. The program was led by GLORIA Operation Executive Wang Lee-ling, representatives of industry-university cooperation (National Taiwan University, National Central University, and Soochow University), and executives from several financial institutions and startups. Visits commenced from June 8th to June 19th.
The United States is the most important base for innovative R&D and investment for global financial technology development; it is also where many of the world's leading financial institutions are based. The highlight of this visit was attending the annual financial technology event "Future of FinTech 2019" organized by CB Insights. The conference invited more than 70 international speakers from around the world, including Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, former chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Sheila Bair, Airwallex CEO Jack Zhang, and Affirm CEO Max Levchin, who also co-founded PayPal. These financial services giants and FinTech startups gathered together at the event to share their innovative ideas with the world. The delegation also seized the opportunity to interact and exchange new ideas with international speakers.
In addition, with the help of the collaborative planning of the AIT Commercial Section, the delegation visited a number of FinTech development pioneers, including the world's leading financial group BlackRock, FinTech startup Gamma Paradigm Capital, Blockchain startup R3, Big Data leader Refinitiv, JP Morgan, IBM Watson Experience Centers, New York-based AI Startup Graphen, Cloud Data Service Providers Pure Storage, Milligan Partners, and other companies with financial technology at the core of their development. They shared brilliant ideas on several FinTech topics, such as "Blockchain and Asset Management," "Analysis of AI Technology Applications," "Big Data Innovation Technology," "Wealth Management," "KYC/AML Financial Services Experience Sharing," "Cloud Computing Applications," "Data Science and Financial Applications" and "Blockchain Technology and its Applications". Through on-site, cross-border interactions, the delegation gained an in-depth understanding of the innovative services and development of financial technology.

NCCU GLORIA and the AIT Commercial Section jointly facilitated this FinTech Overseas Visit, the main purpose of which being to connect with the latest trends in the world and to endorse the R&D capabilities of the alliance. The program also aimed at promoting NCCU GLORIA’s international membership growth, providing a platform for relevant domestic enterprises to access new knowledge in financial technology, and thereby integrate the development energy of the academic field with the development requirements of the industry, thus promoting industrial upgrades and creating a more complete ecological chain for the development of financial technology.

The GLORIA delegation attending the Future of FinTech 2019 seminar.

The delegation’s visit to BlackRock Group.

Group photo with IBM Watson Experience Centers.

GLORIA Operation Executive Wang Lee-ling presenting a souvenir to Peter Liu, Pure Storage’s Regional Director for Emerging Markets and Taiwan.

The delegation’s visit to Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT).