National Sun Yat-sen University

Invite Rainmaking Innovation and Smart Capital to give advice to the startup groups.

In the summer day June 12th, NSYSU-GLORIA hosted the “2019 Startup Training Workshop” and “ 2019 Startup Pitch Day” on June 19th , which collaborated with the strong-supported partners, Rainmaking Innovation(RMI) and Smart Capitals(Angel Investors). First of all, after finished the training courses provided in the workshop, 12 start-up teams got the presentation opportunity in the Pitch Day then, aiming to ensure all the teams could better perform their products and technologies. This event also showed the burning ambition of NSYSU-GLORIA to create a startup business ecosystem in southern Taiwan.

The authority of NSYSU-GLORIA mentioned that thanked to their partners RMI and Smart Capitals to share the resources and experience. NSYSU-GLORIA would like to be the platform where all the startup teams, investors, accelerators can join together to boost best technologies and potential commercialization products. Furthermore, with the support from this platform, the startup teams would get better guidance, funding opportunities from corporates or angel investors, and connect with the global investors. For seeking as much as possible exposure opportunity, for example, “Innovation Demo Day” will be taken place in High Tech Campus Eindhoven hosting by the Park, NYSUS-GLORIA is invited to present their start up technologies, which can also strength the connection between NSYSU-GLORIA and high-tech innovative industry in Netherlands.

On “Startup Pitch Day”, 4 teams specialized in biotech medical, 4 in integration of software and hardware, 1 in internet of things, 1 in semiconductor, 1 in underwater and 1 in circular economy. Each team could present their specialization in 7 minutes. After pitching, 7 most-interested teams were chosen to have speed dating with investors.

12 groups give presentations in this event.

The burning ambition of NSYSU-GLORIA to create a startup business ecosystem in southern Taiwan.

After the presentation, 7 groups are picked to have speed dating with investors.