National Central University
BIO International Convention is one of the most celebrated annual events for the biotech industry. Every year, professionals and vendors are brought together for an exchange on the latest trending solutions, and this year is no exception. On June 4th, National Central University’s Global Research & Industry Alliance (NCU GLORIA) participated in the 2019 BIO International Convention for the second time, along with 11 other GLORIA members and 39 domestic vendors that represent the Taiwan Pavilion, which is led by Tsung-Tsong Wu, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan.
2019 BIO is centered on the theme, “It Starts With One,” which implies to the significant impacts of early stage innovation. NCU GLORIA showcased 4 innovative technologies, namely, “Thermoresponsive Nanobrush Surface Enabling Continuous Harvest of Stem Cells;” “The Platform of microRNA Expressions in Body Fluids to Predict the Diagnosis or Prognosis of Diseases;” “The Ultimate Relief for Chronic Pain;” and “Functional Medical Coatings,” with high ambitions to work with industry professionals and vendors through strategic alliances, while aiming for business opportunities in the areas of precision medicine and advanced materials.

NCU GLORIA and the research teams at 2019 BIO International Convention. From left to right: Postdoc Follows Tzu-Cheng Sung and Chen-Huan Lin; PhD Candidate Allen Li; Yamin Kao, Manager of NCU GLORIA; and Chia-Wen Tsao, Director of Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration, NCU.

NCU GLORIA specializes in integrating research resources on campus, and has long dedicated to matching appropriate solutions to business professionals, in order to carry forward innovative research technologies to the industry. In 2019 BIO, NCU GLORIA received many positive feedbacks while taking on full advantage of one-on-one partnering with MilliporeSigma, Zoetis (Pfizer’s subsidiary company, dedicated to animal health), Asahi Kasei Pharma, and various global renowned companies to discuss displayed technologies. Taking pride and valuing what they do best, NCU GLORIA will continue to act as a bridge connecting academic research and industry demands, hoping for further communication and endless possibilities in future collaborations.
During the convention, Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) had the pleasure of inviting SmartLab’s CEO, Amrit Chaudhuri, and CFO, Seth Taylor, to take part on networking and engagement with GLORIA’s represented by each university. Director Chia-Wen Tsao of NCU’s Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration participated, among other special guests, in such occasion. Moreover, Professor Akon Higuchi’s research team from the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering, represented by Postdoctoral Fellow Tzu-Cheng Sung, along with Nianhan Ma’s SHI-SHUO Biomedical Team, represented by Allen Li, Postdoctoral Candidate of the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, gave presentations on core technology and operational models. Their outstanding performances received many favorable comments from the committee members, ensuring confidence in the teams’ technology research development, relevant applications, and upcoming planning for commercialization in the market. Overall, this event bore invaluable experiences for NCU’s research teams.

Director Chia-Wen Tsao introducing NCU’s research solutions to Tsung-Tsong Wu, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan, and Dar-Bin Shieh, Deputy Director of Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

2019 BIO International Convention opened up new windows for research teams that work closely with NCU GLORIA. Opportunities for innovative technologies and solutions will become rising stars in the global market, as the teams continue to obtain working opportunities with industry vendors to deliver services to patients, generating revenues, but most importantly making a difference in the global biotech sector.