National Taiwan Ocean University
  • 2019 Jul 11
  • NTOU GLORIA led members to India & participated in the World Aquaculture Society Asia Pacific Annual Conference & Trade Show (APA 19)

NTOU GLORIA want to link international cooperation partners, develop the international reputation of the alliance team, leading more than ten member companies to participate in the 2019 World Aquaculture Society Asia Pacific Annual Conference and Trade Show (Asia-Pacific Aquaculture 2019, APA 19) held in Chennai, India from June 19th to 21st, 2019. APA 19 is hosted by the World Aquaculture Society. It is the largest event in the field of international aquaculture related to academic and industrial importance. Exhibitors and units from all over the world, such as: United States, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, China, Japan, Middle East countries, EU countries and ASEAN countries and other about 40 countries, the exhibition attracted professionals from all fields.
The Asia Pacific Aquaculture Conference was held at the Chennai Trade Center in India. Its theme is “health, wealth and happiness aquaculture” and is divided into the main axes of seawater shrimp, nutrition and feed, aquatic animal health, aquaculture systems, genetics and breeding, shrimp and crab farming, bait biological cultivation, marketing and trade. Published and discussed 463 sub-topics in 8 conference rooms to provide important information on the daily problems faced by fish farmers and the needs of aquaculture, and provide relevant knowledge of treatment methods; NTOU GLORIA CEO , Jheng Yu-Song lead the existing members of HANAQUA, Tai Yih, Giant Bio, Innocreate Bioscience, Fongyu, EverVast, Defrost, ID WATER, Gao Zheng and other aquaculture industry chain manufacturers to advance to India, through the new platform of industry-university-research cooperation, communicate with national aquaculture industry, layout the Indian aquaculture market, pick up the overseas international cup, forming a breeding industry group effect, expand alliance member business opportunities.
The potential partners of this trade show include: Soon Strong Machinery Works, a fishery and livestock feed plant equipment company. It is expected to join the alliance for international marketing, which will make the alliance's aquatic industry chain complete; The Rajiv Gandhi Aquaculture Center in India is interested in the fine varieties of Gao Zheng Tilapia and further wants to use the resources of the Indian government to study Gao Zheng Tilapia; BAP, a third-party aquaculture certification body, hopes to work with the Alliance to improve the environment of the aquaculture supply chain and to ensure the safety of the global supply of aquatic products; Excellent seedling manufacturer ADVENT AQUATICS is highly affirmed for alliance talent cultivation, industry-university cooperation, financial value-added, international mediation and other services, and hopes to cooperate with the alliance to increase commercial orders; The Vietnamese uni-president, which mainly produces shrimp feed and freshwater fish feed, is interested in the novel preparations of Innocreate and EverVast, and there will be cooperation opportunities in the future. The alliance has a lot of achievements in this trade show chain.
The representative office of the Ministry of Science and Technology in India, Henry H. H. Chen, said that countries around the world are competing to invest in aquaculture, especially in Southeast Asian countries such as China, Thailand, and Vietnam. In recent years, they have focused on the development of aquaculture fisheries, such as Wu Guoyu, grass shrimp, white shrimp, and long arm Shrimp, squid farming, etc., not only provide local domestic consumption, but also extend the value of aquatic products processing and export to earn foreign exchange, and enhance product quality and certification operations through multinational business operations to ensure the safety of aquatic products. Leading the world in technology, becoming the semiconductor eco-industry, and the other is the aquaculture eco-industry.

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