Taipei Medical University

TMU GLORIA the Industry-Academia Future Vision signing ceremony and press conference. (From left: Lin Jun-mao, Dean of Business Development of TMU, Li Yu-Chuan, Dean of the College of Medical Science and Technology of TMU, Wu Jie-Xin, Vice President of TMU, and Lin Jian-Huang, President of TMU. From right: Xie Rong-Hong, Vice Dean of Nutrition College, Liao Tian-Lun, General Manager of Welbloom Bio-Tech)

Taipei Medical University Global Research and Industry Alliance (TMU GLORIA) exhibited the latest technologies and startup companies at the GLORIA Pavilion at the 2019 COMPUTEX Taipei exhibition. At the Industry-Academia Future Vision signing ceremony hosted by Minister Chen Liang-Gee of Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University signed a technology transfer agreement with Welbloom Bio-Tech Corporation. General Manager Liao Tianlun of Welbloom Bio-Tech said, Welbloom Biotech is very happy to cooperate with Taipei Medical University to create a new milestone for the new era health food market. TMU GLORIA successfully promoted novel academia technologies, which in turn led to industry-academia cooperation and industrial innovation.
The technology presentation of the GLORIA pavilion was kicked off by two startup teams of TMU. First, Dr. Lee Yu-Jie, from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Taipei Medical University Hospital, introduced the Da Vinci surgery education application and the "Maternal and Child Precision Medical and Artificial Intelligence Industry-Research-Medical Alliance" supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Educational Platform further promotes the related technology application services for talent cultivation, infertility prediction and precision medicine. Dr. Jin Yan-Bo, CEO of DermAI, shared the use of artificial intelligence technology to create a critical AI application - "MoleMe", which provides detection of the risk of changes of moles and offers initial preliminary screening service for the public for free. DermAI was founded by Li Yu-Chuan, Dean of the College of Medical Science and Technology of Taipei Medical University. DermAI incorporates dermatology physicians of the TMU Hospital, Wanfang Hospital and Shuanghe Hospital, engineers and scientists to create medical artificial intelligence to assist the preliminary screening of the skin problem.
TMU GLORIA also displayed various new technologies in the booth: The "plant-effect extracting ingredients and fermentation metabolites" that have the effect of regulating blood sugar developed by the Hsieh Jung-Hung, Vice Dean the College of Nutrition. The Augmented Reality (AR) balance ability training system developed by Dr. Lai Jian-Hong, the attending physician of the Department of Rehabilitation of TMU Hospital. The Da Vinci surgical VR education platform of Dr. Liu Wei-Min, Dean of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Taipei Medical University Hospital. TMU GLORIA devotes to elevating the value of academia technologies for enterprises as well as long term industry-academic cooperation.