Taipei Medical University
  • 2019 Jul 10
  • Taipei Medical University went to the BIO exhibition in Philadelphia to promote a number of research & development results, & joined hands with AUM to promote Taiwan’s new drug across the international
Taipei Medical University and Singapore's cancer drug company AUM Biosciences (AUM) signed a memorandum of cooperation to strengthen cooperation.

To internationalize the international cooperation of Taipei University of Medical Sciences, the GLORIA Business Development Department of Taipei Medical University and the North Medical Technology Team went to Philadelphia, USA to participate in North American biology from June 3rd to 6th, 2019. BIO Annual International Convention.
The main participating technical teams include: Dr. Vivian Yang, a team of doctors in translation medicine, who developed the In-Vitro Diagnosis Kit for Endometriosis, which uses high-specific endometriosis serum biomarkers. For product development, it is expected that two in vitro diagnostic reagent products, including ELISA and Quantitative Fast Screening Test Specimens, will be applied to the diagnosis or screening of early endometriosis for use in medical examination units or physicians. Due to the convenience of detection and high accuracy, this case will improve women's willingness to treat and provide timely treatment, reduce infertility, and has considerable commercial application value. The company has successfully raised funds to establish a company.
In addition, Associate Professor Kuo-Hsiang Chuang from the Institute of Biopharmaceutics led Ph.D. Candidate such as Yijou Chen and Michael Chen to develop an innovative bifunctional antibody (BsAb) technology platform for culturing tumor-specific T cells: anti-tumor/anti-resistant with special configuration CD3 BsAb is co-cultured with human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and can grow and multiply all kinds of tumor-specific T cells (BsAb-armed T, purity > 95%) in one step in 10 days; it is a set of rapid cultivation, Non-viral gene transfer, high purity and cost-effective tumor-specific T cell building platform. The technology was also published in Showcase on the Taiwan Forum on June 2, which was well received.
The trip also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AUM Biosciences (AUM) at the 2019 BIO International Convention, which will jointly develop the development and commercialization of cancer treatment. The first cooperation drug is The first small-molecule new drug developed by the university and entered into human clinical trials will promote the development of new drugs in Taiwan. The new drug was developed by the cross-disciplinary R&D team of Taipei Medical University, including Dean of Jingping Liu, Professor Zheming Deng, and Professor Shiow-Lin Pan of the School of Pharmacy. Working together with Han-Pin Kuo, the dean of the Medical College of Taipei Medical University, the drug synthesis, pharmacological efficacy evaluation, animal integration Model validation and clinical experience spanning basic and clinical medical research to create a complete R&D team. In addition, Professor Shiow-Lin Pan also led a team member, Associate Professor Han-Li Huang and Assistant Researcher Wei-Chun HuangFu, to present another First-in-Class oral small molecule HDAC6 inhibitor__ MPT0G211, for the treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.
In the future, Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) of Taipei Medical University will look forward to promoting international industry-academic cooperation, enhancing the international brand value and popularity of Taipei Medical University, and developing cooperation between Taipei Medical University and different industries with innovative business models. GLORIA hopes it can be more flexible and diversified to make the research results successfully industrialized, achieve sustainable development and to establish a biotechnology innovation ecosystem.

 On June 2, Ph.D. Candidate Yijou Chen, a team of associate professors of the Taiwan Forum Kuo-Hsiang Chuang, took the stage to perform Showcase.

The Political Commissar Wu of the Executive Yuan and the Vice President Dabin Xie of the Ministry of Science and Technology visited the booth of Taipei Medical University to listen to the technical brief.

Principal Chien-Huang Lin, Vice President Jei-Hsin Wu, Vice President Fei-Peng Li and colleagues at the exhibition.

The colleagues at the Taipei Medical University briefed on the technologies exhibited by visiting countries around the world.