National Chung Hsing University
  • 2019 Jun 13
  • The brightest international milestone, NCHU GLORIA Led Campus Professors’ Technologies on 2019 BIO International Convention

2019 BIO International Convention opened on 4th, June, 2019, and was jointly exhibited by 12 universities GLORIA in the 3 days from 4th to 6th, June, 2019 in Philadelphia. NCHU led five outstanding professors to participate such big event. Moreover, another good news is we NCHU GLORIA assigned the industry-university cooperation MOU with Novotech Nutraceuticals Inc. This could be a very high level and meaningful exhibition!

Regarding to the MOU, focusing on the form of cooperation, 1) the Strategic Alliance with NCHU on the future innovation and development; 2) NCHU will facilitate the research resources including but not limited to the university facilities and talents to further assist Novotech’s future development project in creating new food materials; 3) Novotech will establish a research and development center in NCHU; 4) Novotech will join the membership of NCHU GLORIA. To the further cooperation development, Novotech wishes to create the businesses of new function ingredient through GLORIA platform to have more development opportunities and the win-win situation.

On the other hand, there are five NCHU outstanding professors joined this exhibition to show their skills together. They are 1) Dr. Chang, Lee-Tian, the Professor of Department of Veterinary Medicine, showed “Alternative Product on Chemical Anti-coccidial Drugs;” 2) Dr. Chen, Wen-Ying, the Professor of Department of Veterinary Medicine, “Human diseased animal models for the development of pharmaceuticals and functional foods;” 3) Professor Congo Tak-Shing Ching, from the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, showed “Innovative immunosensor for early detection to Pancreatic Cancer;” 4) Dr. Deng, Tzu-Shing, the Professor of Department of Horticulture, exhibited “The method for enhancing active ingredients through herbal cultivation;” 5) Dr. Chih-Yu Wen, the Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, showed two technical, “ Device and Method for Real-time Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Treatment with A Remote Automatic Monitoring Function” and “Carryable and Automatically Balanced Intravenous Drip Frame and Using Method Thereof.”

As above mentioned 2019 BIO International Convention could be the brightest international milestone of NCHU GLORIA with such five professors’ technical exhibition overseas. Moreover, the MOU signed by NCHU and Novotech Nutraceuticals Inc. were also be a big news to our overseas industry-university cases!
↑ The Deputy Director General of the Department of Industry-university Collaboration and Science Park Affairs of MOST, Ms. Deputy Director Chun-Yi Tu (middle one,) witnessed the MOU signed by NCHU GLORIA CEO John Hsu (right one) and the President of Novotech Nutraceuticals Inc., Jennifer Li (left one.)