National Taiwan Ocean University
  • 2019 Jun 13
  • "2019 Ocean Novel Technology Cross-University Alliance Forum & Media Conference" National Taiwan Ocean University GLORIA Member Group Show

Taiwan University of Oceanography GLORIA co-organized "2019 Ocean Technology Inter-school Alliance Forum and Media Conference"In order to promote the university's innovative R&D business media and campus talent recruitment, the university's outstanding research and development achievements and talents are linked to the industry, and the industry is invited to dig treasures.The 2019 Ocean Science and Technology Inter-school Alliance Forum and Media Conference, jointly organized by the Agricultural Biotechnology Analysis and Promotion Office, the Institute of Cellular and Individual Biology of the Academia Sinica, the National Taiwan Ocean University and the Taiwan Ocean Biotechnology Society, May On the 28th, at the International Conference Hall of the Humanities Museum of the Academia Sinica, the opening ceremony was hosted by the host of the Academia Sinica, Wu Jen-Leih, and invited from the North, Central and South Districts, 9 major marine science and technology research institutes. A number of research scholars met face-to-face with more than 100 Taiwanese marine technology manufacturers. The representatives of domestic factories, officials and academics all attended the event and the scene was grand. The activities are divided into morning and afternoon sessions, covering (1) Ocean Science and Technology Conference, and (2) Industry-University Cooperation.
Chairman FONGYU Liu Chien-Shen said that this matchmaking conference in the alliance team exhibition technology process, immediately between the industry and the industry to conduct one-on-one dialogues, hope that through face-to-face meetings, establish a bridge of industrial dialogue, improve the possibility of cooperation, especially On the topics of "aquaculture", "healthy seedlings" and "novel preparations", "finding investment targets", "technical cooperation" and "business cooperation" are the most beneficial benefits for the members.
The CEO of the NTOU GLORIA Jheng Yu-Song said that marine seafood is rich in nutrients, but heavy metal pollution and drug residue incidents are endless, which always makes people worry about fear. Overfishing also causes marine ecological catastrophe. It is hoped that the existing technology of the alliance will make modern people safe and eternal. Continued seafood selection. The technical categories of exhibitors include seedling manufacturers, feed adders, aquatic equipment manufacturers, cold chain logistics companies, etc. The technical categories are quite rich. One booth is difficult to find. In the first month before the launch, potential member manufacturers also hope to work together. Exhibitors will increase brand exposure and brand image through the exhibition. Just after the 2019 COMPUTEX TAIPEI exhibition, followed by the 2019 India World Aquaculture Society trade show, the alliance will continue to help members create more business opportunities and resources.