National Taiwan Ocean University
NTOU GLORIA, May 22-25,Leading 24 manufacturers in Taiwan to advance to Vietnam, to conduct aquaculture technology and business opportunities exchanges with local operators, officials and academic units, to assist the industry to develop southwardly, to deploy Vietnam, and to expand quality products and technologies to overseas markets.

Lu Ming-Wei, director of National Taiwan Ocean University Operations Center of University-industry Collaboration, said that under the cooperation of the Vietnam Aquatic Products Administration, the Vietnam First Aquaculture Research Institute and the Vietnam Fisheries Association, the NTOU GLORIA held the “Business Opportunities in the Taiwanese Aquaculture Industry” in Vietnam. The Association will establish a platform for cooperation between industry, academia and research and local fisheries in Vietnam through a series of activities such as the Vietnam Fisheries Investment and Development Policy Briefing, International Symposium on Aquaculture and Aquaculture, one-on-one cooperation fairs and local industry visits. The official academic chain links the new south to the market, accelerating the academic research and related industries to advance overseas.

Director Lu Ming-Wei emphasized that Vietnam has a long and rich coastline, which is very suitable for the development of aquaculture industry. At the same time, Vietnam is also one of the most important aquaculture markets in the world. According to the latest forecast data, the total consumption of local aquatic products continues to be 5.37%. Growth is expected to grow to 940,000 tons by 2020. In the future, through infrastructure development, increased consumption of aquatic products by the public, and increased consumer income and willingness to consume, Vietnam will have a place in the aquaculture industry and aquatic products export market, and bring great benefits to the Asia-Pacific aquaculture industry.

Lu Ming-Wei said that Taiwan is one of the world's six largest exporters of frozen aquatic products. Aquaculture and food safety technologies have international competitive advantages. In addition to the grouper and Taiwanese, the Taiwanese industry is also actively expanding other aquatic products such as glod clam,
wen hao, bamboo shoots fish, etc., together with existing novel preparations, smart farming and overseas box network technology, communicate with local industry, show the strength of the industry, and attack the Vietnamese market.

National Taiwan Ocean University said that with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Taiwan Ocean University established the “Aquatic Aquarium New South-to-International NTOU GLORIA”, actively building a platform for cooperation in production, education and research, accelerating academic research and domestic industry development and international integration, and leading alliance members to expand internationally. The market, and provide talents and scientific research services, welcome domestic and foreign fisheries-related enterprises to join the alliance members, create a blue economic cooperation platform, and create business opportunities for industrial development.

Exchange with the First Aquaculture Research Institute of Vietnam