Chung Yuan Christian University
  • 2019 Jun 13
  • GLORIA CYCU-R&D Center for Membrane Technology of Chung Yuan Christian University Advances to North America

GLORIA CYCU-R&D Center for Membrane Technology of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) headed to the United States in May to deepen the industry-academia cooperation in the field of Membrane Technology and strengthen the leading position of the R&D Center for Membrane Technology in the world.

R&D Center for Membrane Technology of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) visited NL Technology Inc. in the aim of profound exchange and further collaboration. NL Technology Inc. was found in 1995 by Dr. Norman N. Li. It is a high-tech company which pioneers in water treatment and the only company being authorized of membrane technology in the world.NL Technology Inc. has been devoted to the development of reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane system and helped membrane manufacturers establishing production lines and import key techniques in the past 25 years.

The main focus included:The Design of Sustainable Membrane System, New Membrane Materials and Membrane Surface Modification, Large-Scale Membrane Fabrication and Module Design, etc. According to the discussion, NL Technology Inc. will produce reverse osmosis membrane for CYCU R&D Center for Membrane Technology to take back to Taiwan for the inspection of anti-pollution and lead to the method of collaborating and the big picture of integration. NL Technology Inc. will cooperate with R&D Center for Membrane Technology by complementing each other because it is categorized as a technology R&D consultation company. Also, it is proved that the key techniques of R&D Center for Membrane Technology could cope with the present problem of the industry. Meanwhile, the beneficial results of the collaboration are reinforced by obtaining the royalty through the combination of production lines, the promotion and transfer of the techniques.

From May10th to May 15th, R&D Center for Membrane Technology in CYCU went to Pittsburgh to attend North American Membrane Society 28th Annual Meeting (NAMS) which is the most renowned meeting in the whole world. Many leading membrane centers from America, China, Italy, Japan, and Singapore gathered in this meeting to enhance technology exchange. The participants reach to up to 500, so it is believed that almost every membrane experts in the U.S. joined this meeting. Dr. Peter S. Fiske was invited as a keynote speaker to deliver a speech entitled: Innovation Pathways in the Water Ecosystem: The PAX Water Story. The main point of the speech is how to turn the research conducting in the universities to technology and products. To use them as an important tool to solve some problem for the domestic and society. Director of R&D Center for Membrane Technology in CYCU, Dr. Yung Chang also invited as a speaker to give a speech called “Impacts of Bio-Inspired Zwitterionic Membranes for Health Care Applications” to promote membrane technology platform. Overall, with the information from more than 200 speeches in NAMS this year, the U.S. main target of membrane technology is economy of scale. Water treatment, energy sustainable development and environment protections were the main issues. When it comes to the use of medical technology, the membrane system will use for protein separation to develop high-order drugs.

With the active way to display our technology, GLORIA CYCU R&D Center for Membrane Technology effectively and successfully connect to membrane development in the U.S. and the industry community to improve GLORIA TAIWAN’s reputation in international market.