China Medical University
  • 2019 Jun 12
  • China Medical University Publicly Transferred AI Medical Technology to Ever Fortune.AI Co., Ltd.

With the world facing global population aging and the widening of the medical demand gap, domestic nursing staff have long been in a laborious and high-pressure working environment, which often leads to embarrassing situations such as tense relationship between doctors and patients and insufficient medical manpower. In order to reduce the workload of medical staff and provide better quality of medical services for patients, China Medical University and MOST GLORIA cooperated to promote the "Advance Biomedical with Blockchain Alliance".

GLORIA, the leading international biotechnology industry association, aims to promote the global health industry by providing alliance members with "corporate services", "certification services", "commercial marketing" and "production-study cooperation". China Medical University integrates the resources and energy of the school and the medical system across the field. Through this project alliance, it provides members to the biotechnology pharmaceutical industry, minimally invasive medical equipment and smart medical aids, AI medical care and blockchain interdisciplinary areas. Relevant research and development platforms are needed to create internationally competitive cutting-edge biomedical, minimally invasive precision medical materials, smart medical aids and new health blockchain industry clusters.

China Medical University and Ever Fortune.AI Co., Ltd. successfully launched the AI outpatient service. The breast ultrasound AI-assisted diagnosis system can not only detect the initial symptoms of breast cancer, but also identify the degree of benign and malignant tumors. Moreover, there are also a variety of applications such as bone age X-ray interpretation and ECG waveform interpretation. Taking bone age X-ray interpretation as an example, the traditional interpretation time needs about 6 minutes, but the AI only takes 0.1 seconds to make the interpretation, and the error value is much lower than the global bone age AI competition 4 to 5 months error value. These AI applications are marked by tens of thousands of images by specialists at teaching hospital level. Through accreditation and feedback from clinicians, the current accuracy rate has reached more than 85%, and the interpretation results of AI medical treatment will be more accurate in the future.

The AI application technology transfer press conference held this time, AI medical technology was publicly transferred to Ever Fortune. The "Outline Biomedical International Industry and Education Alliance" assisted the company to integrate a large number of medical materials with China Medical University and its affiliated hospitals. Through AI calculation and domestication, a more complete "image marking system" and "image structure data" was established. Auxiliary applications such as "Library" and "Big Database" to create a medical AI cloud server; this predictive AI outpatient system will become the doctor's best assistant, which helps the physician to be more precise and shortens the interpretation time. Also, early detection and early treatments for patients with lesions, opening new era of smart medical.