National Yang-Ming University
  • 2019 Apr 15
  • The Global Research & Industry Alliance, National Yang-Ming University/Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Conduct a Call for Proposals Orientation to Assist in the Commercialization of Clinical ResearchDevelopment Outcomes
Being confident about medical institutions’ deep capabilities in clinical research and development (R&D), National Yang-Ming University has executed the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) Project by conducting a call for proposals orientation at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital on the 6th of March. This project was launched by the Department of Industry-Academia Collaboration, Ministry of Science and Technology, and entrusted to National Yang-Ming University for execution. The goal is to encourage medical personnel who are interested in valuing technological innovation and commercializing R&D outcomes to submit proposals. Vice Superintendent Kuo-Shyang Jeng, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, has attended the meeting in person on the day of the orientation. He hoped that the alliance can help opening more new doors for the applied clinical R&D to create more opportunities for innovation in the future.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital is a teaching hospital for National Yang-Ming University and was a member of GLORIA, National Yang-Ming University last year. The two institutions have been cooperating actively in the aspect of research, teaching, and medical services. Vice Superintendent Jeng claimed that Far Eastern Memorial Hospital has been committing itself to innovative research and development in a productive manner, and encouraged his colleagues to patent their research results. With the alliance’s guidance in the past, the hospital personnel was able to implement and verify their medical technology ideas and prototypes preliminarily. The applicability of their research results to health care was hence increased, which dramatically improved the service procedures and efficiency in the hospital.

Chief Executive Officer Monika Bey pointed out that the project funding is insufficient, yet indispensable for exploring and testing innovative ideas. Clinical research cannot be implemented on the spur of the moment, but follow a comprehensive plan and engagement, above all, different levels of assistance are required at each of the pioneering, trial, and commercialization stages. With support provided by the National Yang-Ming University GLORIA expert team and other relevant resources, the hospital will yield more fruitful results. She believed that the services offered by the alliance will drive more teams in the hospital to commit to innovation.

Li-Chu Wang, Chief of the R&D Office, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, specially thanked the alliance in the orientation for their continuous assistance to the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital personnel. She was positive that the alliance is the best channel for the promotion of clinical R&D. Not only does it provide substantial funding to support the hospital’s clinical research, but help the hospital personnel to reinforce the idea – improving their professional knowledge on the development strategy of healthcare commercialization in their research-free time. She hopes that both parties can work together in the future to create values for medicine-based clinical research and applications. The goals are to take the responsibility to meet society’s medical care needs and allow the industry-academia-hospital alliance to collaborate and innovate, showing a win-win-win situation.

Proposal submission has ended one month after the orientation. The Far Eastern Memorial Hospital personnel participated in the event with passion, and the number of proposals submitted reached a new high. Based on each participating team’s technology novelty, business feasibility, and execution capability, the alliance has selected 12 teams in total that set themselves apart from the competition; one titled the outstanding team, five titled the excellent teams, and six titled the potential teams. The alliance will provide guidance and funding to these selected teams in 2019, subsequently offering them more diversified advice depending on the teams’ R&D characteristics and needs. The alliance will become Far Eastern Memorial Hospital’s robust backing.