Feng Chia University1.0
  • 2019 Jun 06
  • Gain How Printing Co. , LtdFeng Chia University will establish an artificial intelligence research center in Feng Chia University (FCU) to cultivate artificial intelligence talents
In order to cultivate artificial intelligence talents, Gain How Printing Co., Ltd in Taichung City will establish an artificial intelligence research center in Feng Chia University (FCU). Moreover, Gain How Printing Co., Ltd promotes technology research and talent incubation through FCU GLORIA (Global Research & Industry Alliance). In the future, Gain How Printing Co., Ltd and FCU GLORIA will work together to establish artificial intelligence by applying big data. The artificial intelligence will be used for business research and staff development.
Hsun-Chia Chang, general manager of Gain How Printing Co., Ltd, indicated that the company began to invest in information development since 15 years ago. Gain How developed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which suitable for printing industry. It also improves current software on the market, and then develops intelligent software to reduce error in printing.
Hsun-Chia Chang also said that, science and technology develops rapidly nowadays. The industry has continuous demand on talent to catch up the changes. However, it takes a lot of time to cultivate talents by a company itself. It is excellent that FCU has fruitful vision to cultivate innovative talents. This is the reason why Gain How cooperates with FCU. Hsun-Chia Chang hopes that such cooperation can contribute to the Mid-Taiwan, so that youngsters can be educated and employed in the Mid-Taiwan. Therefore, the youngsters don’t need to leave their homes far away.
Artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud applications are all current world trends. For example, the development of electric vehicles in the United States is leading the world. Germany is already studying how pharmaceuticals can combine artificial intelligence. Facing these rapid development, FCU cooperates with the leading company, Gain How, to build an artificial intelligence research center. The research center will develop innovative technologies, such as automation, engineering management and Internet of Things. The research center will help to promote innovative technologies and incubate talent.
Prof. Jin H. Huang, Vice President of Feng Chia University and Mr. Liu, Director of Information Technology of Gain How Printing Co., Ltd.; Prof. Huang and Mr. Liu attended a contract signing cum press conference held by the Ministry of Science and Technology in GLORIA Exhibition Hall on 29th May.