National Taiwan University of Science Technology

Taiwan Tech GLORIA acts as the industry liaison office of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). It is Taiwan Tech GLORIA’s mission to help the members reach out for the research resources as well as marketing resources. By integrating these resources, it hopes to build up and develop the industry-university ecosystem. As NTUST has been dedicated to developing a long-term relationship with industry and research on advanced technologies, AMA TECH hopes to expand its market and research strength by collaborating with NTUST. Hence, Taiwan Tech GLORIA helps the company to connect to the resources that are needed for the company, including marketing, R&D and industry resources.
AMA TECH's products are applied broadly not only in 3C, IT and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, but also areas of CNC machines factory automation, and industrial automation. It hopes to become customers' preferred brand in factory automation and improve human life quality with intelligent automation and innovation. From key components to industrial robots, to create competitiveness with customers, and value for shareholders, employees, supply chain, and global business partners. To invest more energy on marketing and R&D resources, AMA TECH joins Taiwan Tech GLORIA intending to expand its global market and create higher added-value for the company as well as cultivate R&D talent for future development.