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  • 2019 May 20
  • “The SkillArt of Brand operation,” Intercommunication of NCHU GLORIA struck a chord with enterprise members.
As the first two intercommunication getting the good feedback, we National Chung Hsing University GLORIA held a new one “The Skill and Art of Brand operation,” on April 9th, 2019. This activity was different from the previous activities of technology sharing exchange. The main topic of this intercommunication was "how to operate a commercial brand", attracting about 60 members and enterprises participant.

Professor Chou, Chi-Chung, National Chung Hsing University the Dearn of Research and Development, was invited as the opening guest of this intercommunication. Moreover, we thank the other deans coming as well. In addition, today’s activity invites well-known academic and industry experts to share their insights and unique insights of brand operation. In the morning session, we invited the speakers: 1) Professor Ying-Siang Lin, Taiwan’s forecasting expert of the Department of Applied Economics of NCHU, to provided own insights on Taiwan’s agricultural export issues. 2) Another speaker was the Professor Yu-Ching Chiao, the Dean of Business Administration of NCHU. The topic he shared was “innovation / differentiation and brand,” which speech content was quite interesting and thought-provoking. On the other hand, there were three more popular speakers from industrial field in the afternoon session. The first one is Mr. Kuei-Yuan Huang, the chairman of Huayuan Life Technology Co., Ltd. The topic he proposed was “Taiwan Novelty Chicken,” sharing about how to use creative marketing to make small eggs being successful and big business as a listed company. This is quite admirable to participants. The second speaker is Mr. Zheng-Hong Chen, the Chairman of LAGIS Enterprise Co., Ltd., which company and the medical brand are all created and operated by the Chairman Chen. He insisted the high-quality product technology and quality, which has been the favored by international manufacturers. Furthermore, the last speaker was Mr. Chi-Shen Wu, the general manager of EJIA Biotechnology. Mr. Wu is also very well-known and sharing the topic of “Those year, the date of Red bean water with Yan-Shi, Yi-Chen, and Suei-Tang.” The product of red bean water is stable and infiltrated into the Taiwan market which is popular among oriental women.

“The Skill and Art of Brand operation” intercommunication activity could be said very successful. We NCHU GLORIA do really thank to the enthusiastic participant enterprises. Compared with the general media conference or the speech forum, members’ feedbacks were positive and prefer such easy ways. Through the break time, everyone can know each other and communicate with each other, thus indirectly enhancing the opportunities for business opportunities. This showed the value of NCHU GLORIA as well!