National Chung Hsing University1.0
  • 2019 May 20
  • 2019 Agricultural Biotechnology Park fly toward the future” co-organized by the NCHU GLORIA with the Analysis & Promotion of Agricultural Biotechnology (APAB) & Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park.
On 16th, April, APAB held an activity of the “Agricultural Biotechnology Park fly toward the future on the 2019” with Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park. NCHU GLORIA was the co-organizer. This activity was quite special as it showed the R&D achievement of domestic university and industrial practice experiences by three modes: seminar, matchmaking, and exhibition ways. APAB invited the different fields’ experts interacted and shared the industrial forecast in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park.

NCHU GLORIA was invited to present the result of R&D on this activity as well. NCHU GLORIA is committed to play a role of the industry-university cooperation accelerator for agricultural and biotechnology companies. By visiting and consulting the needs of enterprises, it integrates the campus research energy and promotes the best Industry-university cooperation program. In addition, there are several campus inspection centers, such as Pesticide Residue Analysis Center, Soil Survey and Examination Center, Food and Livestock Product Inspection Center, and Agricultural Products Approval and Certification Center, provide enterprises preferential prices. Furthermore, the Ministry of Science and Technology also allow GLORIA members to apply for the quota subsidy of the high valuable instruments usage. What’s more, we provide more customized service, gaining the trust and favor of our members, for instance, JH Biotech., the American enterprises, Maxluck Biotechnology, CH Biotech., Indonesian ETOS AGRO, TCI CO., Ltd., Nanliu Enterprise Co., Ltd., All Cosmos Bio-Tech (ACBT), CHIA MEEI Food Indl. Corp. Healthmate Biotech., Agro-Green International Co., Ltd., Diamond Nano-Biochem. Co., Ltd., Goldencrops Corporation, Chambio Co., Ltd., Jourdeness Group, Agricultural Bank of Taiwan, and Taiwan Bifido Foods Incorporation etc.

Prof. YK, Lin, the COO of NCHU GLORIA, was also invited as one of the speakers of the Agricultural Biotechnology Park fly toward the future on the 2019” with the topic of “the difficulty and opportunity of industry-university cooperation.” During his speech, he mentioned the gap of industry-university cooperation which biggest defect is the unfriendly system. Talents always like competition and reward than punish because the corresponding relation between reward and work hard should be make sense within an unstable job environment or challenge. However, these are not encouraged by majority universities. Therefore, it is important how GLORIA plays as the oasis in the desert as the accelerator role. To a lot of universities, star up businesses would be invested many resources initially with the successful industrial coaches for further training and consultation. To build the business model thinking is the most important. During his speech, there are 17 business models encouraging professors to develop more independent own model on both academic and technical learning and training aspects.

Lots of experienced talents from industrial, governments, and academic field on todays’ activity of “Agricultural Biotechnology Park fly toward the future on the 2019.” The attendee enterprises discussed the company products achievement and development routes with each other. These are all let we GLORIA having further understand of agricultural biotechnology, and the difficulty of industrialization. During the process, international certification is one of the thorny problems as well. Thus, GLORIA would reflect ourselves again and adjust the way and content of membership service.