National Sun Yat-sen University
  • 2019 May 20
  • New International Member Announcement-The well-known Japanese equipment provider, Shimadzu Corp., joins Gloria of NSYSU with a co-research program “Mass Spectrometry Lab”
(Left)Mr. Kido Nobuyuki, CEO of Shimadzu, and (Right) President of NSYSU, Dr. Cheng Ying-Yao signed the agreement

  Rapid Screening Research Center for Toxicology and Biomedicine (RSRCTB) of NSYSU just announced its collaboration with the well-known Japanese scientific research equipment provider, Shimadzu Corp. The collaboration including to join Gloria international membership and establish “Mass Spectrometry Laboratory” which provides high- efficiency toxicology detecting service. This system features the stunning technology that it can rapidly detect pesticide poisoning; drug poisoning and acute food poisoning, so that it can provide essential information to emergency doctors to save the patients.
President of NSYSU, Dr. Cheng Ying-Yao, said it is the first time that mass spectrometry is used in emergency clinic.  The rapid screening including to identify the type of poison caused by pesticide、drug or food poisoning and provide essential information for doctors in emergency department in order to save patients’ lives. Dr. Cheng mentioned it is with great pleasure to see Shimadzu Corp. to join the international membership of Gloria.  We look forward seeing the cooperation of both parties can deliver the high quality of life to the society.
Professor Jantaie Hsieh, Director of RSRCTB, said the research center was established in 2017 and devotes to solve the food safety and drug abuse by focus on rapid and accurate screening of different types of chemical、biochemical material with the technology of ionization mass spectrometry.  The center has obtained 30 domestic/international patents.  The biggest advantage of this technology is it can detect the pesticide on the fruit in less 10 seconds without using expensive equipment.  It is also the first case of real practice in adopting this technology into emergency clinical treatment.
"Contributing to Society through Science and Technology" Kido Nobuyuki, CEO of Shimadzu, said. Based on this corporate philosophy, Shimadzu Corp. has continued to develop all businesses for over 30 branch offices around the world with almost 12,000 employee since its foundation in Kyoto in 1875. The analytical and measuring instruments, industrial machinery are now used for a broad range of applications in a wide variety of industries, where they serve society by providing confidence and convenience through the business operations of customers.

Despite the applications above, in the near future, chemical substance analytical technology from RSRCTB can also confer benefits on metabolism, neurology and psychiatry. Meanwhile, the new technology will be promoted to Southwest Asia and China, where pesticide abuse is common.
With the Lab established, it’s not just a 3-year industry-academia collaboration, RSRCTB and Shimadzu expect to research and develop new instruments, and contribute toward medical and food safety.
Mass Spectrometry Technology Development Lab is established under the collaboration of Rapid Screening Research Center for Toxicology and Biomedicine from National Sun Yat-Sen University and Shimadzu Corp.

From left:
Vice President of NSYSU Dr. Chen Ying-chung
Mr. Kido Nobuyuki, CEO of Shimadzu,
President of NSYSU, Dr. Cheng Ying-Yao
Professor Jantaie Hsieh, Director of RSRCTB