Chung Yuan Christian University
  • 2019 May 20
  • GLORIA CYCU-Multi-industry Cooperation Again Achieves Success in Academia-industry


E-commerce platform benefits start-up groups on campus. CAE technology leads smart manufacturing future

Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) has successfully promoted the international academia-industry cooperation, and has been highly recognized by the business community. In 2018, the establishment of “Global Research and Industry Alliance, GLORIA” was subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, with cross-campus, cross-industry, and international academia-industry-research cooperation platform to link the international market. GLORIA is the cooperation bridge between the business community and venture capital, and to further promotion of technology industrialization and market internationalization. In the near future, the multi-industry cooperation and development, the e-commerce platform industry and the mold-flow analysis industry have signed a letter of intent for cooperation this month, which will greatly promote the academia-industry cooperation.
Recently, the rapid development of electronic commerce (e-commerce) market and smart phone technology has changed the ways of the customers to purchase products. The maturity of mobile payment and the Internet of Things (IoT) makes the patterns of customers on paying change to credit card, debit card, online payment and mobile payment. An unstoppable trend of mobile payment and third-party payment is a key point of survival for those start-up companies in the future. GLORIA CYCU held a cooperation of Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between Transcloud Technology co., LTD. at Innovation Pilot Center for Theory in Practice in CYCU on April 24th. Transcloud Technology co., LTD. Offers 100 free accounts on the online shopping platform ( Each account could be used for one year, and the online shopping platform will be used as a resource for start-up groups for GLORIA CYCU to interact with the customers on the online platform and observe and analyze the e-commerce market as well. The cooperation promotes a closed relationship between academia and industry, and builds up an e-commerce incubation center in Taoyuan.

With the rise of smart manufacturing, CAE technology plays a crucial role in enterprise transformation. CoreTech System Co., LTD. is a professional company in mold-flow analysis of plastic injection mold CAE, specializing in research and development, sales and technique services of the mold-flow analysis technology. CoreTech System Co., LTD. is the biggest mold-flow analysis of plastic injection mold CAE company in Asia and the second biggest in the world. CoreTech System Co., LTD. cooperated with R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU to hold a forum of advance mold-flow analysis and application. The topic is focusing on “The future development of CAE mold-flow analysis in the field of smart manufacturing” and “Industry 4.0 is a prevailing trend of data, information and knowledge exchange in manufacturing technologies”. The forum is a discussion about mold-flow analysis and the practical experiences of its application and provides an opportunity for participants to gain the knowledge of how to apply mold-flow analysis technology on smart manufacturing industry. Audiences from 18 different companies in the industry as well as professors and students who are from 6 universities and colleges are gathering together to join the forum, and occupied all the forum room. After the speeches of Mr. Rong-Yeu Chang, the CEO of CoreTech System Co., LTD., Dr. Zhao-Cai Huang, professor of Tamkang University, and Dr. Yu-Xiang Zhang of CYCU, a signing ceremony of CoreTech System Co., LTD. is held for joining the GLORIA CYCU and become one of the member of the alliance. In addition, CoreTech System Co., LTD. offers 84 sets of【Moldex3D Professional R16】to the R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU for teaching and researching uses. The gifts must make the cooperation successful and glorious.

GLORIA CYCU combines academia and industries together, and have made numerous success. In the future, GLORIA CYCU will keep extending its collaboration scale to build up a platform for the students and the industries, and will make the alliance more glorious and bright like its name, GLORIA.
Signing ceremony between GLORIA CYCU and Transcloud Technology co., LTD.
CEO of GLORIA CYCU, Dr. Jia-Ye Wang (4th right), CEO of Transcloud Technology co., LTD., Mr. Sheng-Hao Cao (4th left).

Signing ceremony between GLORIA CYCU and CoreTech System Co., LTD.
CEO of GLORIA CYCU, Mr. Jia-Ye Wang (2nd right), Deputy director of R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU, Dr. Wen-Ren Jong (3rd left), CEO of CoreTech System Co., LTD, Mr. Rong-Yeu Chang(4th left)