National Taipei University of Technology
  • 2019 May 17
  • NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance Pens MOU with TMBIA & TSETPM, Inaugurates Strategic Alliance Targeting Smart Sensors Medical Devices
  The NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance signed an MOU with the Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association (TMBIA) and Taiwan Society of Engineering Technology and Practical Medicine (TSETPM) today (May 2nd), officially sealing a new strategic alliance that is aimed at further enhancing the competitiveness of Taiwan’s medical devices sector. In addition, the parties have committed to creating an internal network for sharing and responding to evolving information needs that is expected to increase significantly the opportunities for strategic alliance members to develop medical-device-related technologies together.

National Taipei University of Technology President Sea-fue Wang noted that research into new material, chemical engineering, biotechnology, and biochip technologies has been a focus at NTUT for many years. Moreover, the research and cooperative experience that NTUT research teams have accumulated over these years have led to exceptional results in recent projects in the fields of materials science research, medical device development, and biotech sector policymaking. Furthermore, new technologies are ready for matching with existing and emerging commercialization and tech-transfer needs in the smart-medicine sector.

Image 1. Smart-sensor technology applications has been a focus of NTUT research in recent years
NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance Director Chia-hwa Lee remarked that NTUT has been working to meet the urgent, emerging needs of aging societies and the fast-paced developments in digital and precision-medicine sectors by working to integrate smart healthcare software and hardware resources; bring together experts, scholars, and businesses from across the medical equipment spectrum; and analyze the present needs and future opportunities for Taiwan’s medical equipment industry.
Taiwan Society of Engineering Technology and Practical Medicine President Wen-han Chang stated that close cooperation between the biotech and medical sectors is key to opening the future export potential of the industry in Taiwan. To help better meet the healthcare needs of all humankind, Wen-han noted that his society works to integrate the engineering sciences and related technologies into medical applications and development, helping integrate engineering, medicine, and business expertise and promoting fruitful exchange and cooperation between Taiwan’s healthcare industry and other sectors. It is his society’s goal to bring positive, forward momentum to the sector, and this latest industry-academia MOU provides the wherewithal to create a clear win for all three of its signatories.
Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association President Francis Hong remarked that industry, government, academia, research, medicine, legal counsel, and financing are each indispensable to the successful development of the medical device industry. Moreover, he continued, innovation is key to building a sustainable and prosperous future for the sector. Innovation fuels solid and steady growth, and startups need richly experienced TMBIA member companies to target priority areas for technology application breakthroughs, leadership, and overseas market penetration and growth as well as to commercialize new inventions. Although the government sponsors industry-academia cooperative research programs, it is often difficult for the results of these programs to be commercialized and become profitable. The opportunity for further refinement is thus also limited, which ultimately hobbles the competitiveness of the successfully commercialized products against tough international competitors. Actually, cooperation between industry and academia should not hinder the ambitions of either. In deepening their cooperative relationship in the field of medical devices, NTUT and TSETPM are tapping the substantive resources of all three alliance partners and the strengths of TMBIA member production facilities, while domestic medical device makers are gaining critical opportunities to reposition and upgrade in order to supply the global marketplace and raise the visibility of the ‘Taiwan’ brand.
With the MOU now signed, the three alliance members will jointly hold the Smart Sensor and Medical Devices Forum on Friday, June 28th during the 2019 Medical Taiwan International Medical, Health and Care Expo. The sponsors encourage and warmly welcome professionals and scholars to attend and share their ideas and experiences in support of the ultimate goals of making the forum a platform for commercializing high-end medical device technologies; stimulating exchanges amongst strategic alliance partners’ educators, experts, and businesses; and merging innovation, research results, and promotion. We welcome interested businesses to join in this landmark event.

Image 2. The NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance’s new strategic alliance is set to sharpen competitive advantages in smart sensor and medical device technologies