National Central University
  • 2019 May 14
  • Win-win Combination on Top of the Industry 4.0 Wave: National Central UniversityTaiwan Association of Machinery Industry Signing MOU
In response to Industry 4.0 while taking full advantage of smart manufacturing and energy development, National Central University, represented by Principal Jing-Yang Jou, and Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry, represented by Chairman Alex Ko, signed a MOU on May 3rd, 2019, to advance both domestic and global industry-academia research collaborations, and boost economic development through the promotions of cutting-edge applications technology development and talent cultivation.


National Central University’s Principal Jing-Yang Jou (left), and Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry‘s Chairman Alex Ko (right) signing MOU.


According to Jing-Yang Jou, Principal of National Central University, machinery gave birth to the industrial age. Established in 1977, National Central University’s department of mechanical engineering is the largest department on campus with over 40 PhD faculty members. In the past 10 years, the department has contributed countless superior talent and technology to Taiwan’s industry. With machinery as base, the department actively integrates a wide range of topics, including electronics, electrical engineering, information engineering, energy engineering, biomedical engineering, and material science, as well as emerging and high-tech fields like semiconductor process equipment and nanotechnology in its curriculum.

Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI)’s Chairman, Alex Ko, points out that while technology has always come from humanity, it also come from machinery. In fact, the machinery industry has always played an indispensable role in the pursuit of human well-being. Since its founding in 1945, TAMI is currently the second largest industrial association in Taiwan, with more than 2,800 corporate members, 7 regional service centers, and 2 international liaison offices. In the past 70 years, TAMI has committed tremendously to Taiwan’s economic development through the organization and participation of various exhibitions and conferences, assisting members to expand in overseas market, creating industry cluster for vendors, and promoting diverse technology certification and exchange opportunities.

On this special occasion, Y.C. Hu, Chairman of Multiplas Enginery Co., Ltd. became a platinum member of National Central University’s Global Research & Industry Alliance (NCU GLORIA) with great enthusiasm. He humbly admits his expectations of expanding and strengthening industry-academia collaborations between TAMI and NCU.

Principal Jing-Yang Jou of National Central University (3rd from right) and Chairman Alex Ko of Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (4th from right) with Chairman Y.C. Hu (2nd from left) and General Manager C.W. Wu (1st from right) of Multiplas Enginery Co., Ltd. In a group photo.
Through the collective efforts between C.W. Wu, General Manager of Multiplas Enginery Co., Ltd., and James Chu, CEO of NCU GLORIA, who are both alumni of NCU EMBA, National Central University officially became the first national university in the Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli region to work with TAMI. Together, they will embark on a journey heading towards Industry 4.0, striving to upgrade Taiwan’s industry through industry-academia collaborations, cross-discipline technology integration, technology transfer, academic conferences, and training courses for high-level talents.

During the MOU signing between National Central University and Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry, both parties witness the birth of such win-win combination.