National Tsing Hua University

The ‘GLORIA’ (Global Research & Industry Alliance) is committed to the development of "smart life” for the recent years. On 17th April, President Hong Hocheng signed a membership contract with 7 companies and academic research units including Logitech, Inventec, Accton Technology, Okinawa University of Science and Technology (OIST), and reached 20 member partners in total.
"Tsinghua has a full range of top research profession, and many students have dual expertise, which will definitely increase the research and development strength of the GLORIA members." said President Hong Hocheng.
The deputy director of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Zou Youhan, said that she believes that cross-sector capability in Tsinghua is bound to allow industry-academia collaboration to escalate, "to bring out the energy of professors, the needs of the community, in order to create a new innovation cycle."
In the morning, Professor Jiang, director of the Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing Systems Research Center, gave a keynote speech on Industrial 3.5 and Intelligent Manufacturing Case". Besides, Professor Chang Jikun from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology also gave a speech on "Grand Challenges of 5G Technology". More than 180 people participated in the forum and received a positive response from everyone.
In order to deepen the interaction with GLORIA members and partner schools, there were two forums in the afternoon, namely, "Challenges and Ways Out for Taiwan's Industry under the Impact of China-US Trade War" and " Innovative Power - NTHU GLORIA Partner School Shows itself" respectively. The forum invites GPM, Inventec, and GWOXI to talk about the difficulties and countermeasures of Taiwanese enterprises. On the other hand, they will introduce the energy of research and development with their partner schools, and hope to create a new situation of industry-academia collaboration.