National Chengchi University
  • 2019 Apr 17
  • NCCU GLORIAChengchi University FinTech Research Center in special collaboration with BaaSid held the “Seminar on Regtech DevelopmentInformation Security in the Big Data Era".
  The Chengchi University Global Research and Industry Alliance (NCCU GLORIA) and Chengchi University FinTech Research Center, in special collaboration with BaaSid, jointly held the “Seminar on Regtech Development and Information Security in the Big Data Era” on March 6th. The seminar included three keynote lectures, in addition, NCCU GLORIA’s COO Wang Lee-ling, Deloitte & Touche Partner Thomas Wan, and the founder of BaaSid, James Huang were specially invited to share on the link between blockchain technology, Big Data, and Fintech to Regtech. Experts from various fields were also invited to participate in a roundtable forum to discuss the future development and challenges of Regtech and information security.

  In the keynote lectures of the seminar, Deloitte & Touche Partner, Thomas Wan, held the discussion from the perspective of AI and Big Data risk issues, pointing out that it would be risky if there is a lack of effective data application specifications and guidelines. The founder of BaaSid, James Huang, also said that in the era of digitalization, the development of technology is accompanied by even greater information risks, not only would every external hacker attack cause a large amount of corporate and user data leakage, the internal security risks should also not be underestimated. In the seminar, COO Wang Lee-ling of NCCU GLORIA also discussed the rise of “Regtech”, its main application areas, and future development trends, sharing the importance and necessity of Regtech in the technological era from multiple aspects with the event participants. She also shared on the visions for information security under Regtech, and provided unique and clear insights into the attack methods and security concerns often faced in the financial industry, as well as on information thinking, and corresponding solutions.

  The roundtable forum was focused on the challenges of security protection and customer privacy of cloud solutions and its supervision requirements, opening and interfacing of financial institution APIs and third-party service providers, programs and applications that help with security risk management in Taiwan, and the difficulties encountered by the domestic financial industry in the introduction of Regtech and supervision technology, as well as the solutions. Sharing of different opinions and case discussions took place for the four topics, providing more high-quality advice on Regtech and information security risk management for financial providers and other service providers. There were 238 people who registered for the event, there was great interest shown in the media interviews during the tea break, and follow-up response continued after the event.
Founder of BaaSid, James Huang; COO of NCCU GLORIA, Wang Lee-ling; Deloitte & Touche Partner, Thomas Wan (from left to right)

Great interest shown in the media interviews during the tea break

There were a large number of event participants, and enthusiastic discussions at the roundtable forum.