National Chengchi University
Chengchi University established the Refinitiv Financial Big Data Laboratory in the hopes of effectively exploring the potential value of financial information for professionals. To enhance the research and innovation drive, an Eikon API course was provided to effectively carry out analysis and research and development. Thomson Reuters lecturers provided the education training, enabling users to quickly familiarize themselves with the related services and resources on data query, usage, and application provided by the Eikon API database. 

The Eikon database provides financial market information including Reuters news, stocks, stock indices, bonds, bond indices, futures, warrants, options and credit default swaps, economic data, and basic financial data of listed companies. The course took place on March 5th in the Digital Teaching Development Classroom of the NCCU Research and Innovation-Incubation Center. A total of 60 people registered for the course, including those from the school and external participants. In the first class, an introduction was provided on the data source and data classification guidelines of the Eikon API. In the second class, the participants were guided on the in-depth learning and use of the Eikon API.