National Taipei University of Technology
  • 2019 Apr 16
  • NTUT Academia-Industry Alliance Pens MOU on Circular Economy DevelopmentPromotion with Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER)
The first Taiwan Circular Economy Awards, sponsored by the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER), concluded in a ceremony held on March 26th during the 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) in Taipei City. The award competition attracted 80 entries from 52 companies, which vied for awards in the Corporate, Product, Innovation, and Cross-Sectoral categories. The two-tiered evaluation process ultimately recognized 11 companies with 13 Taiwan Circular Economy Awards.
This year’s award recipients included AU Optronics (AUO), which received dual Corporate and Innovation awards, San Fu Chemical Company, which secured dual Corporate and Product awards, and O’right, which earned the Corporate Gold award for developing and solidly implementing its green brand image. Awards also went to Chen Ya Resources Technology, E&E Recycling, and Singtex to recognize their respective successes in implementing high-value-generating cyclical business models as well as Taiwan Sugar Corporation to call attention to its success in weaving both traditional and creative elements in its “Pearls” line of shampoo products. In addition, Da.Ai Technology earned a Special Recognition award for impressing the selection committee with its highly circular products and well-integrated supply chain.
Also at the SCSE, National Taipei University of Technology President Sea-fue Wang and CIER President Shi-Kuan Chen signed an MOU confirming plans to cooperate throughout this year and work together to promote the adoption and expansion of circular economics in Taiwan. As part of this effort, the NTUT Academia-Industry Alliance and CIER, in cooperation with the BSI Group (UK), UL LLC (US), and other key partners, will, starting this June, launch a strategic initiative to help circular economy principles and practices take solid root in Taiwan. Firstly, this initiative will implement a comprehensive curriculum for professionals that thoroughly covers both the theory and practice of circular economics. The initiative will subsequently sponsor speakers from leading corporations in the field of circular economics to introduce their experiences as well as strategies for turning circular economy principles into a profitable business model.
Image 1: MOU signed by NTUT Academia-Industry Alliance and CIER.
As summarized by NTUT Industry-Academia Alliance Director Chia-hwa Lee, we are rapidly consuming the resources of earth, our one and only planetary home. Implementing a circular economy is thus imperative. Moreover, the recent announcement of detailed implementation guidelines promulgated at COP24 promises to increase significantly the environment-related demands of major-brand corporations on their Taiwan OEM suppliers, making it vital that Taiwanese companies prepare as soon as possible. Economic growth and environmental protection are no longer incompatible concepts. Closing the resource utilization loop in a circular economy will allow corporations to profit from a more benign, environmentally sustainable manufacturing cycle.
Circular economics, from green materials and sustainable energy technology R&D to the efficient recycling/reuse of wastewater and solid wastes, is an important focus of development for NTUT that offers significant potential for industry-academia cooperation and exchange. We welcome all companies eager to help protect and sustain our planet to join NTUT in creating innovative new opportunities that are grounded in and nourished by the circular economy.
Image 2: 2019 Taiwan Circular Economy Declaration signed by CIER and an influential cross-section of partner organizations