National Taiwan Ocean University
The global eco market requires more collaboration between partners to achieve greater sustainability, research potential and profit. To this purpose, Global Research and Industry Alliance of National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU GLORIA) have signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the local company, Shwe Pyi Aye in Myanmar. GLORIA will utilize its academic and industrial expertise to improve the wetland ecological conservation, tourism, and aquaculture industry in Myanmar. GLORIA will also contribute towards climate change research, water quality monitoring, the development of eco-tourism and giant river shrimp farming.
Myanmar is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The country has relaxed its investment regulations causing the economy to rapidly grow by proactively attracting investment. These conditions have let Myanmar successfully grab the attention of the world. Due to its rich natural resources and its prosperous geographical location, it has become an emerging country for Taiwan to invest. Qingfeng Zhang, the president of NTOU, created this relationship-building opportunity and signed the MOU with Shwe Pyi Aye to get the win-win cooperation.
The main aim of GLORIA  is to develop human resources of wetland ecological conservation and eco-tourism. To facilitate this, NTOU is building a university-industry collaboration platform with Shwe Pyi Aye in Myanmar which will attract more Taiwanese enterprises to join the alliance. This new alliance will collaboratively and sustainably develop the Moeyungyi wetlands in Myanmar.
Moeyungyi wetlands is situated in Bago Division about 70 miles north of Yangon, by the Yangon-Mandalay highway. It is just two-hour drive from Yangon. In 1878, a water storage reservoir was constructed in Moeyungyi area. Many years later, the reservoir changed naturally into wetlands extending over 40 square miles of high wetland conservation value. As a result, the wetlands have been notified as a wildlife sanctuary since 1988. Every year, millions of birds fly from the northern hemisphere to the southern along the East Asian-Australian, stopping to rest and feed in Asia. The route the birds take contains a network of wetlands, including Moeyungyi. Moeyungyi is a vital shelter for both resident and migratory waterfowls. A census at Moeyungyi revealed that there are 125 species of water birds including 70 species of migrants.
Eco-tourism is a vibrant and increasingly popular business with a high potential for growth and further development. Shwe Pyi Aye is authorized by the Department of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of the province of Bago to develop within 360 acres of wetlands and will develop ecotourism and build eco-friendly resorts in the future. GLORIA plays a role in the Moeyungyi wetlands development by providing key technologies for breeding, feed and vaccines production, automatic water quality testing equipment and food safety.

GLORIA extends its welcome to more international firms that wish to work together to further develop Southeast countries and build a strong combination of industry, government and academia.

The win-win situation for NTOU GLORIA and Shwe Pyi Aye

zChing-Fong Chang, President of NTOU presented Myo Thet, Chairman of Shwe Pyi Aye Co., Ltd. with a commemorative porcelain