National Central University
  • 2019 Apr 01
  • Creating a Win-Win Situation: NCU GLORIA & King Team Co., LTD Participate in 2019 Hannover Messe. Expand Collaboration in the Fields of AerospaceRobotics
For a long time, NCU has been working diligently in the establishment of a pragmatic educational concept, resulting in the emergence of various research techniques on the international stage. Harnessing the strengths of engineering, biomedicine, and natural sciences, NCU has been making great contributions in terms of academic and industrial collaborations. In April this year, two research teams from NCU will take their Industry 4.0 integrated systems and smart labels to Germany in participation of the Hannover Industrial Exhibition (Hannover Messe). At the same time, NCU has invited King Team to take part in the event. In addition, the two parties will sign a cooperation agreement to expand on collaboration opportunities.
King Team always puts customer satisfaction first. Its business philosophy is the “devotion for customers and innovation for products.” Established in 1961 and formerly known as Lianjin Metal Industry Co., Ltd., the Company’s main business activity was the production of various metal stamping parts. It was not until 1981 that King Team Co. Ltd., was formally established. Due to the fierce development in the national defense environment, King Team has spared no efforts in producing parts and components for the defense industry. Not only did the Company research meticulously in new technologies, but it also received a vast number of certifications and accreditations in the process; for a case in point, the international AS-9100 aerospace certification was obtained in 2010. Bearing the reputation of specialized trade over half a century, King Team has never slacked off, and instead continued to research and master in more precise and complex processing technologies. Therefore, even as the industry constantly undergoes innovation, King Team is able to keep up with the latest trend – devoting to increase efficiency while reducing the cost in professional fields, including traditional industries, aerospace development, precise measuring, medical biotechnology and energy conservation.
The current collaboration between King Team and NCU GLORIA (Global Research Industry Alliance) will advance on the precision processing technology while expanding on cooperation scope between both parties in 2 aspects. This collaboration has prioritized research on the potential development in the robotics field. NCU will organize courses and societies in the theme of robotics in order to yield professional skills in the curriculum. Additionally, King Team will also invest in the University’s educational curriculum, and assist in developing relevant mechanical components (including the employment of jointly developed module, whenever possible). The Company will also look into further development of aerospace, space exploration and related fields, thanks to the cooperation of National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) and GLORIA. The NCSIST is looking forward to exploring the area of precision processing, which, in consideration of the research capacity of the NCU, will allow for the active development of new technologies as well as their applications. This cooperation will be recognized at the Hannover Messe in Germany, as NCU and King Team will hold an agreement signing ceremony in April. In the near future, both the King Team and NCU will strive to maintain their original aspirations while aiming for continuous enhancement.