National Chiao Tung University
  • 2019 Mar 20
  • GLORIA- NCTU in 2019 5th Microbiome4th Probiotics Congress Promotes Taiwans Biotechnology Internationalization
Microbiome and probiotics are closely related to human health, disease and psychological aspects. GLORIA- NCTU, GLORIA - NTU and Singapore Global Engage collaborate to host the Microbiology and Probiotics Conference in Asia, inviting P&G, DuPont, L'oreal , Shiseido, Unileverand other well-known domestic , foreign famous manufacturers participated in the conference. They were held at the Regent Hotel on the March 6th and 7th to conduct technical discussions and industrial collaboration on the two themes of microbiome and probiotics.
GLORIA- NCTU shared the detection, testing, and application of AI in microbiology by Professor Chen Wen-liang, and explored how artificial intelligence and semiconductors can assist in the rapid advancement of microbiome and probiotics for cross-disciplinary communication.

 (The picture above is Professor Chen Wen-liang ,Biomedical Sciences, National Chiao Tung University)

The member of GLORIA- NCTU alliance, Synbiotech Lin Jin-sheng, published the latest sports probiotics, using probiotics to improve quality of life and exercise. Toby Huang of Allbio Precision Biomedical also shared the current platform for intestinal bacteria testing, which can detect intestinal strains, conduct health analysis and control through data analysis, and provide indicators for public health and industrial development.

(The picture above is the Toby, Allbio)

(The picture above is the Lin director of Synbiotech.)

This Asian conference also invited CÉCILE CLAVAUD, the project manager of the famous French cosmetic brand L'oreal, to share the importance of skin microbiome to the human body. CÉCILE CLAVAUD explained the relationship between scalp micro-derived and dandruff, and advocated that skin microbes are better than single focus. For skin care, it is the microbiome group that really maintains skin health, which allows the congregation to develop new ideas, and also enables the industry to pay attention to the impact of microorganisms on the human body, and to begin to pay attention to health.
The biotechnology industry is currently in full swing. GLOIRA-NCTU  will use the semiconductor industry platform to build up the biotechnology field. Combining the advantages of Taiwan's semiconductor industry and data analysis talents, GLORIA-NCTU will continue to assist the company to adapt to the technical team. The vision promoted by the biotechnology industry, actively exploring the wisdom of Taiwan and the blue ocean market for the health of the people.