National Taiwan University
  • 2019 Mar 19
  • National Taiwan University Kyoto University Jointly Held the 4th Digital Health Symposium for the First Time

After nearly a year of preparations by NTU ILO and KU SACI, the results were blossomed on March 1, 2019. NTU ILO led the Professor Fu Lichen from the Artificial Intelligence Robot Research Center, the Principal Investigator of the SPARK program at NTU, Dr. Li Tsaikun, the Coach of the SPARK program at NTU, Dr. Chen Wenshiang, the team of Chiu Hanmo, and the doctor of the team of Jiang Qingquan, Dr. Wang Manling, and Professor Yu Jiunyu from the TRUSTU team. We also invited the representative of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Japan, Chen Junrong, and the members of NTU ILO, Quanta Lin Baili(CEO), Ted Chang(CTO), and ATEN Japan.

Photo: Li-Chen Fu’s speech

The event was kicked off by Dr. Kazuhiro Iwai, President of the Kyoto University Medical Research Institute, and Chen Junrong, the representative of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Japan. The Chen Group has long approved this event to enhance the opportunities for future academic exchanges between Taiwan and Japan.
Kyoto University invited Vice President Shinji Asonuma and famous Professor Tomohiro Kuroda to talk about the expected role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the clinic, and Professor Fu Lichen of NTU discussed the artificial intelligence with artificial intelligence and how robots lead us into the field of intelligent medicine. With the progress of the robot and the future development, the SPARK team of National Taiwan University and the professors of Kyoto University will introduce how artificial intelligence or technology can be applied to health care. The content covers how to use image recognition in lung tumor surgery and use. Blood-based green fundus photography (ICG) dynamic projection for immediate navigation of liver surgery, artificial intelligence technology for ultrasound imaging of ultrasound and cecum detection, and telemedicine care systems.
The event also invited TOWA sponsor Yuki Yamamoto deputy general manager and Quanta, which is our Laureate Superior Membership of NTU ILO, Ted Chang (CTO) as the enterprise representative. Ted explored the application and development of digital health from the perspective of IOT, and finally Professor Li Tsaikun said in the end The exchange of joint seminars between the two sides is a good start.
Photo: The event picture

Photo: The booth of ATEN (Left hand side)

There is also a Poster exhibitor outside the venue, including NTU, the Kyoto University Department of Business Administration, ATEN Japan, Mitaka, Cocomoon, Donghe Pharmaceuticals. Guests can take advantage of the intermediate breaks to visit and interact with the vendors. Nearly 200 people signed up for the event, including TOWA & T Square Solutions, Donghe Pharmaceutical, Nintendo, Panasonic, and Bayer.

Photo: Courtesy Visit
First Row:Professor Li Tsaikun (first from left) from NTU, Professor Fu Lichen from NTU (second from left), Shinji Asonuma (middle), vice president of Kyoto University, (third from left), Lin Baili, Chairman of Quanta (second from right), Professor Takanani Muneo from Kyoto University (first right)
The Second Row: Chang Shouyan, deputy executive of NTU ILO (first from left), Professor Yu Jiunyu from NTU (second from left), Director Chen Wenshiang from NTU (third from left), and CEO of NTU ILO, Peng Shengwei (fourth from left), Professor Futian Shengli from Kyoto University (third from right), Dr. Chiu Hanmo (second from right), and Quanta Ted Chang, Chief Technology Officer (first from right)


By the end of the event, Kyoto University said that the “Digital Health” forum has been held for three times. In the past, the focus was on localization-oriented issues. The fourth forum this year was jointly organized with NTU, and it was launched internationally and focused on Real Apps & Business level. Kyoto University said that it still hopes to maintain academic exchanges and industry-academia cooperation with NTU in the future. They also hope that the 5th Digital Health Medical Forum will continue to cooperate with NTU and accelerate international industry-academia cooperation and its application.