National Chengchi University
  • 2019 Feb 25
  • NCCU GLORIA Focuses on Coaching Startups for Strategic Planning to Keep Pace with the Fintech Industry
The Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) of the National Chengchi University (NCCU) focuses its efforts this year on coaching the startup members to expedite their innovative development and assisting them to keep pace with the FinTech industry. In the spring of 2019, the GLORIA has, particularly, prepared for its startup members a series of exciting keynote speeches, including: “How to introduce a startup in simple terms for fund raising?”, “Tips for a successful presentation” and “How to grasp the latest trend in the FinTech industry?” The first speech, “Strategic Planning for Startups”, was held on Monday, February 25, 2019 in the Innovation HUB, Research and Innovation-Incubation Center of NCCU. Focusing on the essentials to build up a competitive startup, the event was welcomed by investors.

This keynote speech will be delivered by Mr. James H.C. Liu, the CEO of the Industrial Liaison Center. Mr. Liu has nearly 30 years management experience in the financial and insurance industry. He has assisted many cross-country insurance groups to establish their operation bases in the Asia Pacific region. Three years ago, Mr. Liu started to pursue a higher degree in FinTech in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the USA. He is the founder of the PHEW Inc. and is currently the consultant of five new startup InsuTech companies in Taiwan and overseas. Mr. Liu has attended many domestic and overseas assessment panels on startups and is reckoned as a leader of the InsuTech startups. In addition to his profound professional knowledge in actuarial science, insurance and technology, Mr. Liu also has good market connections.  He not only shared with the audience his rich experience in the startup industry, but also introduced the management strategies for startups,  inspired creative ideas and brought in-depth thinking for the innovation of Taiwan’s FinTech industry.

A snapshot of the event on “Strategic Planning for Startups”